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We’re about to send our 433rd member to college!


In a neighborhood where just 2% of adults have a bachelor’s degree, 23 graduating high school seniors will soon pursue higher education, and 13 APCH members just completed their bachelor degrees, thanks to the APCH Shaheen Scholarship Program. More than 90% of the young people we send to college are first in their families to go on to higher education.

On June 15th, more than 100 guests, including benefactors Linda and David Shaheen; new, current and graduating APCH Shaheen Scholars; their families; and community supporters came together to celebrate the incoming and graduating scholars’ achievements at the annual APCH Shaheen Scholarship Program Luncheon, presented by Bank of the West.

For many young people and their families in South Central, the financial cost of higher education makes it feel unattainable. However, the APCH Shaheen Scholarship Program, funded primarily by the David and Linda Shaheen Foundation, provides our scholars up to $15,000 of financial aid for up to 6 years to help them achieve a college degree without the burden of debt. The program also provides year-round support through APCH’s academic counseling staff to help our scholars successfully complete their college journey.

For the first time, current and recently graduated APCH Shaheen Scholars gave a gift to the incoming scholars as a symbolic “passing of the torch” and offered a piece of advice and encouragement to carry with them as they embark on this important new chapter in their lives.

“The scholarship allows us to focus on our education, instead of carrying the stressful weight of loans. It helps maximize our college experience, so that we are fully prepared for life after college. I am utterly thankful to have this amazing opportunity that will allow me to expand my knowledge and experiences so that I can continue to thrive.” – Vanessa, age 18

Please visit our website to learn more about the APCH Shaheen Scholarship Program! To contribute to the success of our scholars, please contact Hannah Berger, APCH Director of Individual Giving.

To view more photos from the luncheon, click here.

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