Welcome Message from the Executive Director

Welcome to our website, a portal to the oasis of safety, love, beauty, creativity and opportunity that we call A PLACE CALLED HOME.APCH_Jan2015-1526

Home is a place
Where we can see each other’s hearts

A Place Called Home is about noticing and strengthening the invisible connections between us. We say, “Changing the world starts at home,” and what we really mean is that change starts inside you and me and extends out to each other and everyone with whom we interact… and then it goes even further.

As the world gets smaller and more fragile, our destinies as human beings are more deeply interwoven every day. How do we overcome ancient fears and scars and the barriers and wounds of modern day injustice to trust each other and find “home” in each other… so we can see each other’s hearts?

At A Place Called Home we focus on shared values and aspirations. Each day we meet our members and colleagues with love and respect. We commit to constant growth and improvement as human beings and as a community. And, whether in the garden, the kitchen, the athletic field, the dance studio, or anywhere else on our campus, we are connected through a set of values that inform our behavior:



Because we are a community within a community within a community, and our young people are going to out of town colleges and traveling the country and the world, they are REACHing beyond our walls and past the horizon… and they are carrying something with them.

No matter where you are coming from
Or where you are going
Home is a state of mind

Yours in service to youth and families,


Jonathan Zeichner, Executive Director

P.S. Have you watched our most recent video? Check it out!

P.P.S. I love my job!

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