Our Values

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A Place Called Home is an intentional community that embraces diversity in everything we do for our employees, youth and family members, colleagues, visitors and the broader community. As individuals creating and working together for a common mission, A Place Called Home is an inclusive environment where all are free of harassment and are empowered, valued and appreciated for their unique qualities and contributions. We endeavor to treat each other with appreciation, understanding, dignity, respect and fairness at all times. A Place Called Home’s vision of diversity honors the complexities and differences that comprise the world community and within our membership including gender, race, ethnicity, cultural background, place of origin, religion, class, sexual orientation, age, functional expertise, physical capability, and educational background. We also welcome and value diversity of perspective, ideas and creativity.

Further, APCH recognizes and is sensitive and responsive to the unique challenges faced by certain populations within the community we serve and creates a welcoming and nurturing environment for them.

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