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Tamia Staples, Giovanni Dourasseau, Michelle Escobar, Rita Page.

APCH Members’ Stories at 2015 Gala For The Children


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My hope is that I find you

Sitting on my porch

Or sitting in my desk at school

My hope is that it’s easy

Like breathing air

Or watching sunsets

My hope is that you’re cool

Like fireworks in July

Or the new iPhone coming out next year

My hope is that you allow me to help

My hope is that you grow and be great

My hope is that you make my family proud

My hope is that you make me feel proud

My hope is that my future is all these things

That I become what I see in me

I am the future

And I will be amazing.


Leslie is the kind of student that flies under the radar. We tend to remember the names of the troublemakers, because we often need to call out their names to stop whatever mischief they may be up to. But Leslie was the first member whose name I learned because of how spectacular she is. She is a quiet, smart, and humble person who I see an infinite amount of possibilities forming in her eyes. I have no doubt in my mind that she will become an adult that will shock and awe her family in the most amazing of ways. Leslie was accepted into a Summer Research Program that will have her working with amazing scientists and engineers. Her eyes widen when she was confirmed to work with them, because she knew that these kinds of opportunities are scarce in this part of town. Though her hands may sweat a little more, and her speech may crack here and there, she’s brave, and I know she’s up for the challenge.

Iovani Dominguez, APCH Educational Services Instructor

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