Bridge to the Future – Teen Programs

Shaheen Students at Dodger StadiumAll young people need love, support, guidance and opportunities to learn, grow and succeed. We can no longer rely on struggling schools and other traditional resources to help youth achieve healthy, productive, and fulfilling futures– we must provide more. In South Central, youth face great adversity and steep odds that can keep them down and count them out. First and foremost, they need safety, and then they need magnetic, positive alternatives to the all-too-many obstacles and destructive choices available to them. APCH’s Bridge to the Future program provides a comprehensive and effective set of programs and opportunities for our teen members via these seven components:

  • College Bound, which offers high school students tutoring and homework assistance as well as SAT test study and a 6-month college prep course
  • Internships, which offer paid employment experiences for members age 15 and older at the Center, promoting vocational and professional skills that will serve them for a lifetime
  • The APCH Shaheen Scholarship, which assists up to 80 college-bound members (most, the first in their families to apply for college) with comprehensive support in clearing the hurdles they face when preparing for, applying to, paying for, and attending college
  • Pathways to Success provides 1:1 guidance and works closely with our Counseling Department on behalf of teens who face urgent challenges as they transition into adulthood. Teen members receive support in developing financial literacy, social competency, and life skills, as well as intervention in matters of health and safety. In college, our members often come face-to-face with rigorous academic standards and independent living situations that require new levels of discipline, skill, and focus; and our team is available and steps in to assist

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  • Teen Adventures, which captures the attention of teens by engaging them in social learning opportunities like cultural field trips, fitness training classes, and more
  • LIFE Mentoring Lead. Influence. Foster. Empower. takes our on-site work with youth to a whole new level by establishing matches with caring, responsible adults throughout Los Angeles, and supporting off-site opportunities for young people and their matches to interact with the broader community and the world
  • GirlPower is a rites of passage program for girls who are transitioning into womanhood. Each week they meet with two or more of our female staff in a sisterhood circle to share openly and support each other; they learn values, etiquette and grooming; they hear inspirational speakers; meet professional women and visit their workplaces; and they take field trips and engage in volunteer initiatives. Each May, they are feted at our GirlPower Awards Luncheon, where they get onstage alongside successful women from all backgrounds that are making a real difference in the world
  • Journey is a rites of passage program for boys that are transitioning into manhood. Each week they meet with two or more of our male staff in a brotherhood circle to share openly and support each other; they learn values and talk about what “being a man” really means; they hear inspirational speakers; meet professional men and visit their workplaces; and they take field trips and engage in volunteer initiatives

We raise the bar. On educational achievement, with mentoring, life skills development, career and college guidance counseling, and scholarships. Bridge to the Future helps teens transition successfully into adulthood… realize their academic potential… acquire training and experience to compete in a tough job market… and, for juvenile offenders and dropouts, find a way to re-enter and engage as the authors of their lives growing into young adults who can contribute to their community and futures.


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