A Community Hub and Partnership for Change

One of the things most people notice pretty quickly is that A Place Called Home does more than just about any other youth center around. Studies show that well-run multi-service organizations are often measurably more effective than multiple individual organizations focused on singular programs – why? Because exposing young people and families to a comprehensive array of complementary opportunities and modes of support under one roof provides continuity and consistency when it comes to developing interests, work and study habits, and relationships that build a sense of community. It’s also time and cost efficient, and “greener” because it’s “one-stop.”

APCH is primarily known as an after school youth center, but were you aware that we also provide classes and services for parents? Or that we produce and host community-wide events throughout the year? Or, that we distribute literally tons of food, clothing, beds, books, toys, and household essential items each year? Or, that we provide paid internships to our teens and partner with local and citywide businesses to provide internships and vocational training opportunities?

A few examples:

  • A Place Called Home motivates our teen members to engage as active citizens and volunteers for all our events and local cleanups, as tutors for our younger students, and as leaders and exemplars at APCH every day. And, we welcome and support parents in volunteering every day at APCH and at community events throughout the year
  • We work with food banks and suppliers to stock our pantry to serve daily meals to our members, and also to provide local families with the good things they need to prepare nutritional meals at home. We adopt 100 families with acute needs each year, providing clothing, school supplies, beds and toys.
  • Partnerships with Los Angeles Trade Tech and CD Tech have helped our teens and parents acquire technology and vocational skills, education, and employment– we have even been able to provide used computers and worldwide web access to some of our families
  • At monthly Central Avenue Business Association (CABA) meetings, APCH representatives receive updates about special local business events, discounts for area residents, and job opportunities that we pass along to the families we serve
  • Apparel and shoe companies partner with us to help our young members dress for success. Hundreds of retailers and individuals donate clothing and accessories to our annual Cinderella and Prnce Charming Project, which provides teens with beautiful formal wear for proms, graduations and other special occasions
  • Many businesses and individuals enable us to amass and distribute books, clothing and toys for our annual December event, A Place Called Home for the Holidays
  • APCH also has a strong partnership with the Newton Police Precinct, which recently launched a Safe Passage Initiative to create safe routes for students who walk to and from school on a day-to-day basis
  • AND, we love to partner with other community based organizations – click this link to see a list and links to most of our community partners.

SO, IT’S TRUE that we do a lot and everything is FREE at A Place Called Home, but APCH is not simply a charity where members come as consumers. APCH is a Community Hub and Partnership for Change. Members and families are invited and expected to participate in the transformation and success of their own lives, of the community, and of the world.

When you support A Place Called Home, you are making a difference for so many people in SO MANY WAYS!

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