One of the things that distinguishes A Place Called Home is its holistic approach and ability to respond to our members’ and their families’ needs on multiple levels. At the heart of our work is a commitment to nurturing and nourishing the inner well-being and health of every young person we serve, and our full time counseling staff stands ready to respond to today’s needs today.

Each year, our APCH Davidow Counseling Center provides thousands of hours of free, comprehensive mental health services in English and Spanish. Professional therapists use proven methods to attend to each child’s unique needs and, when indicated, we will provide counseling and wraparound services for the whole family. Through individual, family, and group sessions, we provide youth and parents with the tools to identify and address negative, destructive, and/or counterproductive behaviors, while promoting growth and acquisition of new coping and life skills. With dependable, consistent support, youth and families can overcome adversity to take better care of themselves and each other, and to become well-adjusted, productive community members.

Our Counseling Department also provides regular training and guidance for all of our staff to understand and support the developmental growth of our members, and to respond in effective and productive ways when behavior indicates deeper needs in children.

Our case managers are in regular contact with the families we serve, to assist with crisis management and health challenges, and to ascertain levels of need as we distribute over $1,000,000 worth of in-kind goods each year, including beds, furniture, appliances, food, clothing, books, and more.

Our annual Adopt-a-Family program, administered by the Counseling Department, brings essential aid and joyful Holiday abundance to more than 100 impoverished families each year.

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