Creative Expressions

Just as there is poverty of the pocket, the belly, and the spirit, so, too, there is nourishment and enrichment for them all.

A Place Called Home provides South Central Los Angeles youth with comprehensive, quality arts programs that our schools have Art Photolargely abandoned. We know from experience that creativity and imagination are what drive human beings to excel, to invent, to innovate and to appreciate and make beauty where there was none before.

We believe – and studies confirm – that arts education (whether in dance, digital media, music, or visual arts) has a tremendous impact on children’s cognitive and social growth, aiding overall academic improvement and social development, guiding young people toward community involvement, innovation, and fulfilling lives. Too many of our community’s students are turned off to learning and, as a result, they are failing to graduate from high school and go on to higher education or training to enter the work force with the skills necessary to succeed. When our children lose ground and fall by the wayside, our communities and all of us suffer.

Arts education not only provides youth with an outlet for creative expression, but it gives them knowledge and skills that translate to competency and achievement. Our Creative Expressions program includes Art, Dance, Music, Theater, Poetry, Video and Media Arts, Fashion Design and Sewing, Photography, Recording and Production, and more. Our Creative Expressions programs address the California State Visual and Performing Arts Standards, while helping students develop self-discipline and inner-strength; build intellectual, social, and personal skills; embrace positive attitudes; and build respect for self, peers, adults and the rich differences in people’s backgrounds and cultures.

On a daily basis, most of the “visual art” our members see is street art – graffiti, tagging, and the occasional mural that stands in contrast to the chaos and poverty around it. At APCH, members are introduced to a variety of arts and culture forms through lessons and projects, as well as field trips to diverse neighborhoods, presentation venues, and galleries around Los Angeles. The professional skills and personal insights our arts staff and guest instructors share with APCH students are inspirational and invaluable.

Parents are welcome to visit classes, help with performances, attend parent/teacher conferences, and participate in Open House events.

Year-round program activities run in three consecutive terms:

  • Summer (June – August);
  • Fall/Winter (September – December);
  • and Winter/Spring (January-June).

Interested? Parents can enroll their children through our membership office or by calling Ana Maria Perez-Paulino at (323)232-7653, x2239 or Michelle Escobar at (323)232-7653, x2202

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