Got rhythm? Feet tapping? At APCH we have a beautiful 1,350-square-foot dance studio that’s busy all the time!

Discover a spectrum of movement, momentum, and expression. Leaping, stretching, reaching, spinning — young people giving motion to their feelings– communicating meaning through movement.

What We Learn

Our professional instructors stress intuition, imagination, and improvisation in classes from ballet and tap to jazz and modern. (Additional classes include hip-hop, African, Capoeira, salsa, hula, Folklorico, and yoga.) Participants come to understand the influence of one cultural style on another, and gain poise and self-discipline while building respect for themselves, their peers, and adults. When they see themselves as successful, professional performers, they walk a little differently throughout the day and wherever they go.

Our Performances

You don’t have to be a diehard dancer to appreciate the meaning in movement, but our more serious dancers join the APCH Dance Company, choosing to commit to weekly homework assignments and a minimum of five dance classes per week. These students excel, thanks to a disciplined regimen and a shared love for dance. Their roof-raising performances across Los Angeles have included shows for the Thelma Pearl Howard Foundation, Target, Bank of America, L.A.’s Best, and Inner-City Arts, as well as our very own GirlPower Awards Luncheon and annual Gala for the Children. The lessons that come with rigor, dedication and self-discipline are applicable in all areas and for the rest of one’s life.


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