APCH / LAUSD Dropout Recovery Partnership

APCH works closely with several high schools in the South Los Angeles community to maximize the impact of our efforts to keep teens safe, support their development into well adjusted adults, and guide them toward higher education and fulfilling work. At the heart of our high school educational effort is our partnership with a Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Continuation High School embedded on our campus.


The APCH/LAUSD Alternative Education Work Center (AEWC) offers another chance for many young people who have dropped out or been kicked out of the regular schools and/or may have been incarcerated or caught up in the Juvenile Justice system. Some students are unable to attend a regular school for reasons that threaten their safety, such as past gang affiliations or even sibling gang affiliations.

Our AEWC program partnership successfully refocuses teens and provides them with the instruction and academic credits they need to graduate from high school or attain their GED. Every student enrolled at our AEWC, whether through APCH or LAUSD automatically becomes an APCH member and is eligible to participate in all of our programs and services.

The APCH AEWC has consistently ranked at the top among LAUSD continuation schools for providing a successful high school experience and further academic and/or vocational training and accomplishment.

2012/13 Enrollment

131 students

Average retention and graduation / GED rate


Each year, students from our AEWC engage with our college prep and scholarship program, and many have gone on to become APCH Shaheen Scholars.

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