Da Vinci RISE at A Place Called Home

Opened August 2017, A Place Called Home is proud to announce the launch of Da Vinci RISE at APCH. Da Vinci RISE at A Place Called Home is a unique and dynamic partnership between an innovative new educational program and a proven multi-service youth and community center in the heart of South Central Los Angeles. A result of a year-long planning and partnership with Da Vinci Schools to open a high school within our Teen and Young Adult Services Program, RISE High was chosen from more than 700 applications across the country as one of 10 winners of the XQ Super School Challenge.

Da Vinci RISE at APCH was created for students for whom the traditional school system was not a great fit. The partnership serves at-risk teens and young adults ages 14-22 and meets the unique needs of homeless, foster, and recently incarcerated probation youth and other students with diverse learning requirements.

At Da Vinci RISE At APCH, students can recover credits, obtain their high school diploma, prepare for the GED, participate in college and career readiness training, internships, and extracurricular opportunities, and become a leader — all while obtaining the APCH wraparound service services they need to thrive academically, socially and emotionally. We are excited to be able to extend this educational services to youth in the South Central community as well as our own members that can greatly benefit from this new partnership, which will allow us to provide services throughout the day and into the evening, covering both robust educational opportunities and the wraparound counseling, tutoring, and diverse extracurricular opportunities these youth need.  

This groundbreaking partnership is the only one of its kind in Los Angeles and ensures that students experiencing unstable living conditions have all-day access to personalized academic support and a dynamic array of wraparound services including tutoring, counseling, athletics, agriculture and nutrition, multidisciplinary arts training, college application and scholarships, vocational preparation, community service and field trips.

In its first year, RISE will serve up to 80 students in a community that has a high-school dropout rate of 50% and where only 4.8% of the population has a bachelor’s degree or higher.  Within three years, enrollment is expected to reach 150, and the long-term plan includes growth and replication to expand capacity locally and regionally.

2017/18 Enrollment

80 students

Average retention and graduation / GED rate


Read more about Da Vinci RISE at APCH here.

For enrollment information, please contact: Koatzin Ashley-Cruz [email protected]

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