Health, Nutrition, and Well-Being

At A Place Called Home we offer nourishment for the mind, body, and spirit, and at the center of this approach are a number of on-site programs and partnership initiatives.18

We start with an organic fruit and vegetable gardening program, where members get in touch with nature and grow healthy, fresh food.

We provide hundreds of daily nutritious meals and snacks prepared from scratch in our kitchen – in some cases, the only complete meal our members may have all day.

We provide exercise and organized sports that aren’t available in schools anymore.

Through our Davidow Counseling Center, we respond to and address the psychological and emotional needs of members and their families on an immediate and ongoing basis.

Annually, we provide the following, and more:

  • 3,000 hours of free, comprehensive mental health counseling for members & their families
  • A free dental clinic (in collaboration with USC’s Ayuda Dental Clinic and Dental School)
  • Education about diabetes, obesity, and other health problems associated with poor diet and lack of exercise
  • Sports, yoga, running, hiking and swimming opportunities
  • 50,000+ freshly cooked meals and 5,000 bags of groceries
  • Our Garden to Table program, featuring an entirely organic fruit and vegetable garden, along with cooking and nutrition classes

Click here to learn about our Procedure for the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP).

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