Athletics & Recreation

Basketball Minors Championship_4.18.13 031South Central Los Angeles youth do not get enough opportunities for physical exercise. Most public schools no longer offer comprehensive P.E. programs, and the neighborhood’s parks are insufficient, unsafe, or both. These shortcomings contribute to the childhood obesity epidemic and long-term ill effects on our community’s health and economy.

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At APCH, we inspire our members and their families to experience the benefits of regular exercise. We introduce youth and parents to different modes of movement, including warm-ups, yoga, Zenga, obstacle courses, swimming, hiking, running and more.  Members develop and maintain healthy bodies and enjoy excursions that feature opportunities to test their bodies and excel.

Our organized sports leagues (basketball, flag football, and soccer) teach the values of teamwork and good sportsmanship, providing engaging, positive alternatives to watching television, hanging out on the street, taking drugs, joining a gang and other negative, risky activities.

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