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New: The Transforming Power of Home

Kids just want to be kids. For that, they need safety and love.

Too many young people in South Central Los Angeles face poverty, danger and adversity that forces them to grow up way too fast.

At A Place Called Home, our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing environment with proven programs in arts, education, and wellness for the young people and families in South Central LA. For 25 years we have been here to help members of our community improve their economic conditions and develop healthy, fulfilling, and purposeful lives.

We would love for you to get involved. And, instead of just telling you about our work, we’d like to show you . . .

That’s why we’ve created a white paper full of true accounts of triumph and transformation at APCH. We are hoping that you will set aside a few minutes to download it and check it out.


You’ll learn about A Place Called Home through the lived experiences of our kids and their families. Then, with just one click, you can choose to get involved.

Here’s a preview of the stories you’ll read:

  • Michelle recovers her spark in our health, nutrition, and well-being programs
  • Omar conquers his greatest fear through our educational services
  • Jaya discovers her healing song in our arts and creative expression classes
  • Ethan boldly builds a bridge to his future

And, there’s so much more!


Download Your Free Copy Now


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