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How Our Youth P.R.E.P. For The Future!

We’re committed to helping APCH youth take ownership of their lives and futures, pursue their aspirations with planning and hard work, and never give up. When South Central youth enter their teenage years, the risks and adversities they face amplify. Gangs, drugs, generational poverty, and teen pregnancy can derail promising young lives. At A Place Called Home, we provide our members with tools, resources, and opportunities that will open doors to limitless possibilities.

What Is The P.R.E.P. Program?

APCH Blog 1000x800_study_02P.R.E.P. (Professional Readiness and Employment Pathways) helps pave the way for teens aged 15 and older to explore and enter the working world, as they discover their passions and interests through:

  • Job training
  • Internships
  • Employment coaching
  • Practicum experience

The P.R.E.P. program is built on three critical pillars that support a bridge from where teens are today to their amazing futures!

The 3 Pillars Of Our P.R.E.P. Program

1. Exposure

It’s important to open a young person’s eyes to viable pathways to accomplishing their dreams. In addition to field trips throughout the year, we host an annual career exploration fair that offers panel discussions with local employers, industry experts, and business leaders. Throughout the school year, we also offer a job readiness course with practical training for resume writing, public speaking, financial literacy, job interviewing, and so much more!

2. Access

APCH Blog 1000x800_study_01

Many teens start out singularly focused on one specific career. But when they actually get a taste of it, they discover it isn’t really the right fit. That’s good!
We give them opportunities to try out their skills and explore their talents as they discover what’s right for them and what’s not, in an environment where it’s safe to make mistakes.
One way we help our students explore is through paid internships at A Place Called Home and in placements with local businesses and companies, large and small.

3. Wraparound Care & Support

Our highly trained staff meets with members one on one to hear about their aspirations, successes, and challenges. In addition to counsel and advice from staff, APCH hosts internship group meetings so members can work with peers on solutions to challenges, share tips and insights, and encourage one another! P.R.E.P. gives our teen members the freedom to find their distinct voice, discover their interests and strengths, and see how their passions and gifts can be translated into career goals and opportunities.

To learn more about how APCH is preparing youth for the future, check out all of our programs for teens and young adults!

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