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APCH Shaheen Scholar soars at top firm and NASA

The APCH Shaheen Scholarship program helps make higher education a reality for many of our members. It’s exciting to see our young scholars spread their wings in college, and we love receiving updates from them about their undergraduate adventures.

Recently, we heard from Alexis Garcia, one of our scholars who just finished an internship with multinational consulting firm Accenture. Here is what Alexis shared about his experience this summer and the exciting, new opportunities on his horizon!

Alexis Garcia Photo“My experience this summer was amazing! Working at Accenture as their “App Engineering Analyst Intern” was by far one of the best experiences I’ve had. I was able to quickly grasp AWS (Amazon Web Services), implement security solutions and host my group’s website for Accenture’s Intern Hackathon, a competition where interns develop a mobile app or website that can help improve a problem (such as a community, environmental or health issue).

Though a small portion of my summer assignments, Accenture took me and my fellow interns to many bonding activities to learn more about the work-life balance portion of ‘adulting’. We participated in an exclusive networking opportunity in the Hollywood Hills, where I met many industry professionals; we also went on food tours, and even spent a day at Disneyland. As if that wasn’t enough, Accenture presented a student leadership conference in Chicago that I attended for four full days! At this event, which included 500 participants, I met other Accenture interns from across North America. It was an overwhelming, yet awesome experience.

I’m excited to share that my manager extended a full time offer to me upon graduating from school. As part of this offer, I will receive the official title ‘Software Engineer’ and get to stay in Los Angeles (yay!). I also have the option to begin working in my new full-time position any time between June and August, which is a bonus!

I am also part of a sponsored project funded by NASA Jet Propulsion Lab where I will be working with the receiving team to build an optical communications unit for a satellite. I, along with 11 other students from the electrical & computer engineering department at California State University, Northridge, was selected for this project. My professor told us that NASA has hired previous students who performed and presented well. So, once we complete the project next spring, I could potentially get another job offer from NASA. Hopefully, the project is a success. I am so excited for what’s to come!”

-Alexis Garcia

If you’d like to learn more about what APCH is doing for the youth of South Central and the APCH Shaheen Scholarship program, go here or contact Hannah Berger at [email protected] about investing in bright futures for scholars like Alexis!

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