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September 16th – September 25th

with subtitles in Español

FREE to the community through support from the National Endowment for the Arts.


El Centro Del Sur Festival de Teatro Latinx celebra las mejores e intrigantes obras de las siguientes y respetadas compañías de teatro Latinas en Los Ángeles. Latino Theatre Company, East Los Angeles College, Company of Angels, Teatro Luna West (Los Angeles), Casa 0101 Theater/Chicanas, Cholas, Y Chisme, y APCH Theater Program and ACT @ APCH

Transmitidas gratis y por internet el 16 al 25 de septiembre! En inglés con subtítulos en español.

Featuring performances by six celebrated
Los Angeles Latinx theater companies


Latino Theatre Company (LTC) operates the Los Angeles Theatre Center (LATC), a Historic Landmark, and five-theater performing arts complex, in the revitalized Historic Core District of Downtown Los Angeles. We believe the theater creates empathy and educates, has the power to provoke dialogue by illuminating the social issues of our times, and can awaken the collective consciousness of a community to act in creating a better tomorrow. LTC was founded in 1985 with the goal to establish a theater company dedicated to contributing new stories and novel methods of expression for the American theater repertoire and to increase artistic opportunities for underserved communities. As the company has evolved, our role as the leaseholder of the LATC has become critical to our mission. As we continue to explore the U.S. Latina/o/x experience in bold and contemporary terms, we program our Fall and Spring Seasons with work by local playwrights that speaks to important issues and highlights new voices within the Latina/o/x, First Nation, Black, Asian American, Jewish American and LGBTQ+ communities.


Solitude, presented by Latino Theater Company, is inspired by Octavio Paz’s essay collection, The Labyrinth of Solitude, Evelina Fernandez’s acclaimed play explores universal themes of life, love and loss woven through the consciousness of multi-generations of Chicano life and culture.

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A wealthy and successful lawyer returns home for his mother’s funeral, whom he hasn’t seen in 20 years.  There he revisits his past and those he left behind. The journey is led by Man, a Paz-quoting limo driver and self-appointed expert on love and accompanied by a live cello. Layered and richly theatrical, Paz’s themes are deeply explored in this ground-breaking piece. The eloquent phrasing and dynamic rhythms of the script’s poetry is well-matched by director’s Jose Luis Valenzuela’s stunning visual pictures, silhouettes, dance and slow-motion sequences. 


East Los Angeles College (ELAC) offers a multidisciplinary approach to the study of theater. Students are encouraged to attend classes while participating in our productions to better understand all aspects of the craft. Although we offer specializations in acting, directing, designing, stage management, and theater in the community, we encourage students to expand their horizons and explore as many avenues as possible. ELAC Theater is officially a two-year program and offers an Associate of Arts Degree and an Associate of Arts Transfer degree (the transfer degree guarantees students priority consideration for admission into a California State University campus) along with Skills Certificates and Certificates of Achievement.

From the Works of John Leguizamo
East Coast to East Los

From the Works of John Leguizamo East Coast to East Los, presented by East Los Angeles College, is dedicated to celebrating one of the most original Latino talents of our day, bringing the “East Coast to East Los”.

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In this collection of eight monologues chosen from The Works of John Leguizamo’s Spic-O-Rama & Mambo Mouth, you will meet characters filled with dark and intellectual humor, reflecting an immigrant family that settled in Queens, New York.


Company of Angels, founded in 1959 by a group of television and film actors that included Richard Chamberlain, Leonard Nimoy, and Vic Morrow, Company of Angels is now the oldest professional theater in Los Angeles. As such it has a revised mission to provide a space for the voices and audiences neglected by the major regional theaters. Company of Angels now produces original work by professional theater artists who reflect the communities that make up the City of Los Angeles and engages residents from low-income communities including Boyle Heights and Skid Row to develop original theater pieces for performance. In this way CoA re-envisions theater to reflect and respond to the richness, diversity, and complexity that is Los Angeles, entertaining new audiences and serving the City of Angels.


Lolo, presented by Company of Angels: Lorraine “Lolo” Lopez is forced to return home from college upon the sudden loss of her father, Cesar Lopez, a pillar in the Baldwin Park community whose life work had been put into his shop, Lopez Auto, and his classic car.

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Faced with the news that her mother cannot run the shop without her and that her half-brother wants his piece of the pie, Lolo must make the difficult choice of staying on her own path or picking up where her father left off.


Teatro Luna West (Los Angeles) is a 2nd virtual and physical center that specializes in creative collaboration towards a social justice purpose. Founded in 2000, 1st as Teatro Luna (Chicago) then Teatro Luna West (Los Angeles), Luna generates award-winning original theatre, digital media, and cultural disruptions that empower Women of Color. Recognized by The New York Times as “Theatre That Matters,” Luna shamelessly cultivates bold and brave spaces where artistic risk is the only currency that matters, failure is a sought-after milestone of growth, and transformation is the party favor everyone gets to take home. We are often a virtually assembled, constantly traveling national cohort of artist-leaders and strategists who also lead trainings, workshops, and retreats for women of color seeking to move into leadership, organize for social impact, or creative entrepreneurship. We create performances, podcasts, audiobooks, videos, and photographic art that is meant to make visible what the mainstream invisibilizes daily.

The Inbetweens

The Inbetweens, presented by Teatro Luna West (Los Angeles), takes on four stories crafted as a response and meditation on two words we have all been dealing with for the last 16 months of the Covid-19 pandemic, GRIEF & HEALING.

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With stories filmed in Mexico City, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, and Chicago audiences will journey with four performers through the rage, softness, isolation, and hope that great loss and transformation bring out of all of us. From tracking the lessons passed down after losing a mentor of over 12 years to cancer through the rollercoaster of suffering from witnessing the decay of dementia, we are all learning how to be better humans to ourselves and each other.


Casa 0101 Theater/Chicanas, Cholas, Y Chisme, is currently in its ninth year of original new works and sprung from the desire to foster creative Latina-driven projects. Since its modest beginning in 2012, Chicanas, Cholas, y Chisme has more than quadrupled in size, presented 100 new plays, and has broken attendance records at Casa 0101 Theater by selling out every show. Chicanas, Cholas, y Chisme empowers Latinas by giving them the tools to develop new creative works. Each of the playwrights also undertakes the role of director and associate producer, making it an entirely Latina driven production.

Womxn in Herstory

Womxn In Herstory, presented by Casa 0101 Theater/Chicanas, Cholas, Y Chisme, is a Festival of Short Plays exploring the struggles and triumphs of womxn throughout the ages.

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Plays Include: Adelita, Catch One, Chabuca Mami and Me, Eve’s Deliverance, Last Woman Standing, Manitas, Wemoon, Xochitl Xience.


A Place Called Home is a transformational youth and community center based in South Central Los Angeles. Founded in 1993 as a safe space for young people facing poverty and systemic adversity, APCH provides a safe, nurturing environment with proven programs in arts, education and wellness for the young people in South Central Los Angeles to help them improve their economic conditions, and develop healthy, fulfilling and purposeful lives.

Alice in Slasherland

Alice in Slasherland, presented by APCH Theater Program and ACT @ APCH: When young Lewis Diaz accidentally resurrects the soul of a brutally slain girl named Alice, he unwittingly unleashes a literal hell on Earth.

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Now, with every imaginable kind of demon, monster, and killer ravaging his small town, it’s up to Lewis and his newly undead companion to protect his classmates — including longtime crush Margaret — from becoming freshly slaughtered carcasses. With the help of Alice’s trash-talking demonic teddy bear, Lewis races to find a way to close the rift before the devil himself shows up and totally ruins their senior prom. 

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