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A Letter from the CEO

At A Place Called Home we say, “Changing the world starts at home,” and what we mean is that healing, growth and transformation start inside you and me and extend out to make a difference in the world. When we are inspired, we can inspire others!

Each day we open our doors and greet our youth, families, colleagues and community with love and respect. We recommit to constant learning, improvement and intentional evolution as individuals and as an organization. And, whether in the classroom, the garden, the theater, the kitchen, the athletics field, the dance studio, or anywhere else on our campus, we live by a set of pillars that informs our behavior and how we walk in the world:

Respect Empathy Accountability Courage Hope

You are welcome to join us.

Come visit, take a tour, get involved! Bring your energy and resources and find out how you can change the world at A Place Called Home. You have blessings to share and receive!

Yours, in service,

Jonathan Zeichner
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