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The work we do here at A Place Called Home would not be possible without the generous support of our donors.

Thank you!


The Annenberg Foundation
California Community Foundation
Citi Foundation
The David and Linda Shaheen Foundation
DBS Bank Los Angeles
The 2010 Faith Charitable Trust
Genesis Inspiration Foundation
L.L. (LL) Foundation for Youth
Office of Councilman Curren D. Price
Dale and Kathleen Rosenbloom
Mark Schissel
MacKenzie Scott
Linda and David Shaheen
Howard and Stephanie Sherwood
Wheel of Fortune
Jan and Steve Winston


Ann Peppers Foundation
Bagnard Family Foundation
Bank of the West
BCM Foundation
The Canet Foundation
The Carol and James Collins Foundation
Angie David
The Davidow Charitable Fund
Pam Dawber
Dwight Stuart Youth Fund
The Exemption TR of the Smith LV Trust
Finish Line Youth Foundation
George Hoag Family Foundation
Peter Gilhuly
Barbara Glazer and Philip Morton
Louise Hamagami and Marc Shmuger
Herbalife Nutrition Foundation
Robert and Gail Israel
Johnny Carson Foundation
Joseph Drown Foundation
Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation
Live Free 999 Foundation
Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture
The Los Angeles Galaxy Foundation
The Mark Hughes Foundation
Linda May and Jack Suzar
Walter Miller
The Music Man Foundation
Bruce and Nancy Newberg
P.C. and Rosana Chao Foundation
PennyMac Corporate Philanthropy Program
Pfaffinger Foundation
Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary Area Center
Rosenthal Family Foundation
Ross Stores Foundation
SAM Initiative
The Sharon D. Lund Foundation
Sheila, Dave and Sherry Gold Foundation
Signature Estate & Investment Advisors
Skylight Foundation, a legacy of the Gary E. Milgard Family Foundation
Snap Foundation
Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.
Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Foundation
Tom Bernthal and Sheryl Sandberg Fund
U.S. Bank Foundation
Marshall and Kathy Wax
William C. Bannerman Foundation
Susan Wolf and Marcus Ryle
Women Helping Youth


Academy Securities
Paul and Pam Apel
Bank of America
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
The Beth and Ken Karmin Family Foundation
Blackman Family Foundation
Capital One Services, LLC
Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation
The Change Reaction
Charles H. Stout Foundation
Kathryn Price Converse and Michael Converse
DEW Foundation
The Ebeling Family Giving Fund
Jonathan Elias
Elizabeth A. Lynn Foundation
Emquies Family Support Foundation
Richard and Shari Foos
Natalie and Jonathan Gerber
Daniel and Vicki Gold
Goldman Sachs
Bianca Gunton
Harold and Stephanie Bronson Fund
Clement and Candace Hirsch
Shiaoting & Bill jing-Lu
The Joe Edmonds and Linda Smith Family Fund
David Keller
David Kerns and Becca Scott
Lon V. Smith Foundation
Los Angeles Rams
Nicholas Mars
Marshall & Margherite Mccomb Foundation
Names Family Foundation
Susan Napier and Alex Berger
NFL Green
Oasis Church
Rite Aid Foundation
Ruth/Allen Ziegler Foundation
The Ryan and Genevieve Tedder Foundation
Meg and David Sameth
Gareth and Jennifer Schweitzer
The Sherwood Foundation
Sibley-Saltonstall Charitable Foundation
Siebert Williams Shank & Co.
Bob Smiland
Southern California Gas Company
Squid & Squash Foundation
Marc and Eva Stern
Strauss Foundation Trust
Dawn and Mitch Taubin
Hamed Tavajohi and Jihan Ceyhan
W.M. Keck Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation
Wescom Foundation
Will and Kristin Price Foundation
Maryellen Zarakas


American Business Bank
The Apatow-Mann Family Foundation
James and Elizabeth Burgess
California Wellness Foundation
CAY SKIN By Winnie Harlow
Larissa & Chris Chapin
Chisick Family Foundation
Hannah Cox
Terrence Dibble
Edward A. and Ai O. Shay Family Foundation
Elevance Health Foundation (formerly Anthem Blue Cross)
The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation
Energy Service Partners (ESP)
ERG International
Ruchika Garga
Goldman, Sachs & Co Matching Gift Program
Stephanie and Josh Goldstine
Harry and Jan Sweere Foundation
Sharon Hauptman
Chris Hickok
ICM Partners
J.A. Daley III Foundation
Johanna Judah and Lief Rosenblatt
John Gogian Family Foundation
K2 Land & Development LLC
Daniel and Cynthia Kelley
Howard Klein
KLM Foundation
Luka Kloser
The Lewis Prize for Music
LightBay Capital
Los Angeles Regional Food Bank
Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Charities
Magical Elves
Nichole Millard
Lori Miller
Craig Murray
Kevin Philip and Joshua Miller
Pulte Family Charitable Foundation
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
Revolution Office
Nataalia Rey
Evelyn Robbrecht and Ward Van Hoecke
Lois Rozet
David and Robin Sackman
Schissel Family Charitable Fund
Specialty Family Foundation
Tacos Gavilan
U.S. Bank
Union Bank Foundation
The Walt Disney Company
Brooks and Grace Van Horn
Venable Foundation, Inc.
Michael Wendorf
Wurwand Foundation


20th Century Fox
Stephanie Allen
Darya Allen-Attar
The Alpert & Alpert Foundation
Amazon Smile Foundation
American Youth Symphony
The Arnold and Jill Belowe Family Foundation
Charmaine and Eddie Atherton
Florence Azria
Howard Banchik
Elinor R Bass
Chad Bates
Ambassador Frank and Katherine Baxter
Beauty 21 Cosmetics, Inc.
Rick and Barbara Bennett
Hannah Berger
Tom Bouquet and Rowena Yeung
Adriene Bowles
Greg and Karen Brody
Maisha Brown
Sue and Barry Brucker
Ward and Mari Bukofsky
Linda and Stephen Burum
Gregory Gelfan and Lucy Butler
Dawnie Campbell
The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
Carl E. Wynn Foundation
The Caucus of Producers, Writers & Directors
The Chosen Hundred LLC
David Clark
Clean Diesel Specialists
Ned Colletti
Margaret Converse
Matthew Cooper
The Concord Group
Clune Construction
Covington Capital Management
David and Masako Rosen Family Foundation
Arthur and Nancy Day
Juan Dominguez
Rachel Donahoe
Micheline Donjacour
Jennifer Dougherty and Adam Rosenblatt
The Durfee Foundation
Msgr. Timothy Dyer
Edison International Employee Contributions Campaign
Enterprise Bank & Trust
Feldman Family Trust Charitable Fund
George Ferenczi
Janice Freemyer
Robert Fresco
Jeff and Gisela Friedman
Susan Friedman
Therese Funk
Jim Gallagher
Veronica Garcia
Monica and Robert Gibbs
Margaret and John Given
Sanford Goner
Jennifer Gonring
Gonzalez Silverman Family Fund
Google, Inc.
Granite Investment Partners
Michael Greenfeld
Bruce and Carolyn Hancock
Carol J. Hannah
Daniel Hartman
Hart-Prins Charitable Fund
Harvey and Lillian Silbert Foundation
Herbalife Nutrition
Hollander-Urbach Family Foundation
William Holloway
Maura Howe and Rodd Perry
Illumination Entertainment
The Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc.
Jacqueline Jimenez
J.B. Berland Foundation
John and Hilda Arnold Foundation Inc.
Elaine Johnson
Christine Jones
Patti & Jeffrey Kaminski
John Karubian
Kathy Kamei Designs
Richard Kok
Michelle Raimo Kouyate
Gary Krausz
Casey Kriley
The Kroger Co.
Benjamin Kutcher
Donna LaFollette
Jacqueline L. Landry
Kristen Leach
Kerianne Lentz
Guy Levy
Lewis PR Inc
Stanley Lezman and Nancy Lezman
Pamela Lifford
LightBay Foundation
Lise R. Stern Fund
Albert Litewka
Loni and Jeff Rush Family Foundation
Paul and Lauren MacDougall
Florence and Mike Madani
Delphine Mann
Susan Martin
Marymount High School
Thomas McCabe
Shaneka McDonald
Nataliya Mehta
The Mellen Foundation, Inc. dba Hope Share Care Foundation
Joyce Meyer
Carina Miller
Ronald C Mims
William and Valentina Mudd
Barbara Nagamoto and Donald Baxter
Nancy E. Barton Foundation
Tim Nett
Michael Avery Newkirk
Lee Newman
Michael Nissman
Eric Nugent
Nutritional Research Foundation
Opta Nevada
Mark and Barbara Overland
Melissa Palazzo-Hart and Chris Hart
Harlan Palmer
Ajay Patel
Claire Peeps
Emma Pereira
Julie Pilat
Joseph Pittman
Platinum Business Management Group
Vinay Prabhu
Jamar Ramos
Grace Rector
The Refinery AV
Jose Rivas
RJ Hutton Charitable Trust
Arlene and Jerry Rosin
Marc Rozman
Joshua Russak
Salinas Consulting
Nancy and Barry Sanders
Sharon Scaramozza
Harold Schapiro
Reginald Scott
The Scout Fuller Fund for Social Justice
Self-Realization Fellowship Church
Sheldon Family Trust
Roger Sherman
Wesley Smith
Ben Solnit
Sony Music Entertainment
Andy Spahn
Gloria and Larry Spungin and Lawrence Spungin
Starbucks Foundation
State Bank of India (California)
Staying Bothered
Laure and Daniel Stern
Karen Sulzberger and Eric Lax
Sunwest Bank
Suzan Hughes Education Foundation
Subhash Tahilramani
Tengco Inc
Lily Tillers
Karen Rupert Toliver
Paul and Susan Tordella
Rita Tuzon and Rick Stone
United Talent Agency, LLC
U.S. Bank Foundation Employee Matching Gift Program
The Valley Jesters
The Vollmer Family Foundation
Pam and Bart Wald
Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC
The Wonderful Company
The Wonderful Company Foundation
Eileen and Curtis Wong
Cheryl Wright
Marie Zarakas
Jonathan Zeichner and Monica Chinlund
The Zelman Family Fund
Evelyn Zepeda
Ziegler Family Foundation


27 Miles Malibu
Nicole Aaron
Abbe-Schneider Donor Advised Fund
AbbVie Inc
Sunil Abraham
Dan Abrams
Judith Abrams
Accordence, Inc.
Ace Media Strategies
Eduardo Acosta
Courtney Adams
Laura Aday
Brenda Adderly
Adobe Systems Incorporated
Sofia Ageyeva
Maurice Ahyow
Diane Ainsworth
Jasu and Jay Alagia
Sydell Albert
Gregory Alexander II
Katie Alheim
Patty and Curt Alheim
Loic Alini
Alixe Aliyev
Dawn Allen
Rachel Allen
Martha Almaguer Cavazos
Janivette Alsina
Momena Aman
Adriana Ambriz
Charlene Ambrose
Patricia Amdur
Kofi Amevor
Amy Shomer & Associates
DM Anderson
Andrew Geczi
Kathleen Andrews
E Elina Antoniou
Doneen Arquines
Paige Arrington
Art of the Gift
Artists & Fleas California
Jennifer Athans
Michael Avila
Ayala Family Child Care
Leyon Azubuike
Michael Backstrom
Laurie and Ron Bahar
Nicole Baier
Sarah Bailey
Jaime Baines
Jordan Baker-Kilner
Michele Baloun
Gilbert Banda
Krystal Banfield
Sarah Bangs
Linh Banh
Cynthia Barcenas
Joyce Barkin
Anne Barnett
Tim Barr
Stephanie Bartel
Joel Bash
Brandon Bassler
Ken Bauer
Andy Baum
Emily Beatty
Dewey Bedford
Glynn Behmen
Lynair Beilenson
Nichole Bell
Valerie Belsky
Katherine A Belsky
Simone Benaycar
Susan Benda
Joseph Benti
Ty Bentli
Simone Benyacar
Ilene Berg
Nandi Berglund
Toby and Daniel Bernstein
Roberta & David Berrent
Ryan Berschneider
Ralph Bertke
Zoltan Biacs
Carmine Bicchetti
Bryna Bidinger
Amrita and Simran Bindra
Daniel Bir
Biz 3
Lisa Blackledge
Melissa Blanchard
Alexandria Blanchard
Angelica Blass
Ping Ho and Loren Bloch
Kelsey Blois
Suzanne Blum
Eric Blunt
Elma Mehmedbegovic and Garrett Boatman
Mindy Boggs
Sean Bolger
Yzel Borja
Gisselle Borress
Borrowed Bling
Mendal Bouknight
M. A. Boyd
Maria Brambila
Stan Brand
Elizabeth Bray
Makenna Breitenfeld
Thaise Boyd Bridges
Elizabeth Watson and James Brock
Veronica Brooks
Elaine Brown
Edward and Elaine Bruner
Trudy Brunk
Patricia Bruno
Alexis Brunswick
Jennifer Bull
Patricia Bunk
Bunting-Vincent Family Foundation
Daniel Burgin
Xavier Burgin
Megan Burke
Adele and Rick Burke
Mark Burmeister
Joan and Allan Burns
Mallory Butcher
Melody Butler
Shani Byard
Eduviges C
Wasaun Cacho
Maricris Calica
Cooper Cameron
Mirna Campos
Rudy Carbajal
Sandy Cardenas
Jill Carfagnini
Daniel Carlos
Caitlin Carmichael
David Carr
Lisa Carroll
Kelli Carroll
Challen Cates
Susie Catnes
Jorge Caughman
Chris Ceccotti
Debbie and Ron Cerrito
Pola Cervantes
Nancy Chakravarty
Judith Challenger
Pamela Chan
Josephine Chan
Duane Chan
Jana Chan
Cynthia Chang
Ramon Chavez
Gary Chen
Janet Chesne
Deborah Ching
Caroline Choi
Nanci Christopher
Erika Cisneros
City First Bank
Xavier Claridy
Stephanie Clark-Ochoa
Victoria Clipsham
Christian Cloud
CNPS South Coast Chapter
Brandie Cobb
Rebecca Cobo
Jeffrey Cohen
Jim and Joanne Cohen
Chris and Ann Collins
Ericka Concha
David Connelly
Clark Construction
Leslie Corcoran
Karen Corman
Fernando Cornejo
R. Coronado
Andy Corrigan
Patrick Courcelles
Daniel Coyle
Joey Cramer
Create and Impress
Crest Commercial Real Estate
Chelsea Crowder
Jaime Cruz
Paul Cucinotta
Susan Cummings
Aldo Cupo
Debra Curtis
Devin Curtis
Sean Dalesandro
Eftihia Danellis
Baha Danesh
Gabrielle Daoaddario
Zoila Darton
Dash3 LLC
Timothy Dashwood
Sarah Davies
Anna Davis
Drew Davis
Muhammad Dayhim
DBA Take Action
Elliot Dean
Vanessa Dehrmann
Jewel Delegall
Pat Dengler
Melina Derafshkavan
Teresa and Thomas DeRogatis
Destiny Coaching and Consulting
Thomas Diaz
Cielo Diaz
Izabellah Diez
Candy Diez
Charlene Dimas-Peinado
Kari Dixon
Jacqueline Djedje
Sophia Do
Mike Dobbs
Dolby Labratories, Inc.
Sara Dolin
Jackson Dollinger
Lisa Dolon
Joseph Donaghy
Carl Donelson
Jessy Dorn
Kristen Dotto
Warren Doty
Elijah Douresseau
Kim Dourte
Shelley Driscoll
Cait Drury
D’s Old Fashioned Treats
Vilma Duarte
Judith Dubin
Michael Duke
Megan Earhart
Michael Earnhardt
Heather Eastwood
Ryan Eck
Ed Block Courage Award Foundation, Inc.
Shana Eddy Grouf
Nancy Edwards
Leanna Einbinder
Jack and Catherine Eisenberg
David Eisman
Adam El-Zoghbi and Linda Rice
Electronic Arts
Emily Ellet
Michelle Elliot
Tricia Ellis
Godfrey Ellison Jr
Sharon and Irv Elster
Marissa Enfield
Renata Engler
Loren Enstad
Richard Eschbach
Krysti Eskridge
Pearl Esparza
Destiny Esposito
Frank Esposito
Des Esposito-Teeters and Ken Teeters
Preston Estrada
Ric Evans
Susan Ewers
H Eyrashe
Faction Inc
Leehsin Fang
Christopher Farrar
Catherine and Michael Fede
Charles Feigenbaum
Jesse Feinberg
Janice Feinstein and Paul Donnenfield
Richard Feinstein
Richard and Sharon Feldstein
Gary Feltham
Ryan Ferguson
Nathan Fernandez
Alli Fernando
Rachel Ferrell
Christine Field
Mark and Beverly Fienberg
Philip Fier
Joanna Figueroa
Adrian Finbow
Arlene Fishbach
Marianne and Edward Fisher
Karina Flores
Robert Folkman
Marie Forgione
Baron Fortune
Diamond Foster
Belle Fowlkes
Debbie Fox
Michal Frank
Freddie Mac
Justin Freeman
Joel Frey
Amy Friedman
Glenn Friedman
Anne Fruehling
Charles Furst
Renee and Mark Gander
Rosalba Garay
Laura Garbato
Dra. Lydiana Garcia
Bianca Garcia
Vipha Garcia
Rachel Garcia
Diana Garcia
Darlene Garcia
Miriam Garcia
Mary Gardner
Kirsten Gavoni
Claire Gee
Jonas Gee
Andrew Geller
Get Lit – Words Ignite
Serene Gettler
Andrea Giambrone
Jenna Gibbs
Tom Gibbs
R Anne Gick
Gifts 2 Have
Gift4Giving Program
Paul Gillis
Mary Jo Gillis and Daniel Goldman
Joshua Gilman
Carrie Giordano
Gwendolyn Givens-Jones
Susan and Mark Glasser
Gayle and William Glauz
Douglas Glover
Grant Gochin
Christine Goetz
Mark Goldberg
Goldhirsh Foundation
Lianne Goldsmith
Sandra Gomez
Irma Gonzalez
Osvaldo Gonzalez
Good Hats LLC
Jacqueline A Goodheart
Good Today
Matthew Gordner
Chitra Goswami
Deborah Gould
Ginger Grace
Lisa Graffin
Melanie Gragnani
Betty Graham
Jarod Granados
Dana Green and Jason Wanatick
Rebecca Green
Asa Greenberg
Cara Greenspan
David & Rosemary Grossman
Laurie Grotstein
Julie Groves-Escalante
Raymond Grundeman
Brandon Gruzen
William and Nancy Gubin
Jose Gutierrez
Ramiro Gutierrez
Paola Gutiérrez-Flores
Jane Gutman
Cameron Gyorffy
Miriam Ha
Kristiina Hackel
Harold and Melinda Haesche
Hal and Kathleen Gershman Foundation
Hillary Hamilton
Bernice Hamilton
Gita Hamman
Morgan Hammerstrom
Tran Han
Kathleen Hancock
John Hanks
Samantha Hanks
Kimberly Hanna
Berton Hansen
Paul Hanson
Aquanetta Hardy
Katherine and Paul Harnick
Masood Hashimi
Maggie Hayes-Cappasola
Schuyler Hazard
HazelsBag & Apparel
HCA Healthcare
Sharon Hearn
Jenifer Hedrick
Kaia Hemming
Barbara Henderson
Debra Henderson
Blake Hendricks
Gregory Henning
Jennifer Henry
Matthew Hensley
Yvonne Hernandez
Cesar Hernandez
Alexandra Herrera
Laura Hess
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Foundation
Ladonna Hightower
Kerensa Hill
Gail Hillebrand
Shannon Hilliard
Chris and Kathleen Hillier
Lynne Himelstein
Sophia Hiner
Joshua Hoffman
Lauren Hollingsworth
Jeannine Holt
David Hong
Kenneth Hoo
Steve Hopkins
Daniel Hopper
Emily Hopton
Steven Hornick
Louise Houghton
Page Household
Liz Houts-Vilardo
Margaret Howe
Chandler Huang
Crystal Hubbard
Sheila Huddleston
Carrie Hughes
Regina Hughes
Joseph Hughes
Astrid Hung
Traci Huntley
Shahbaz Hydari
I Am Collective
Sotan Im
Ozan Isinak
Mozahidul Islam
Mark Ivener
Erica Jacalone
Candace Jackson
Melanie Jackson
Faye Jackson
Gretchen Jaeger
Laurie James
Pia James
James T. Cailouette and Gabriel P. White Charitable Fund
Linda Janger
Cynthia Jania
Andjelija Janicijevic
Fred Jason
Monica Jennings
Laura Jiang
Selene Jimenez
Sang-Min Jin
John David Johnson
David Johnson
Jacey Johnson
Amanda Johnson
Renee Johnson
Daniel Johnson
Kevin Johnsonsee
Bret Jonas
CJ Jones
Leland Jourdan
Kait Joven
George White Jr
Sharon Kagan
Cecily Kahn
Razmik Kajberuni
Jean Kalanzi
Alexandra Kallas
Patti Kaminski
Kiphan Kan
Kathleen Kaplan
Steven and Julie Karic
Tara Kaushik
Eugenia Kaye
Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors Foundation
The Kayo Corporation
Lory Kelley
Monica Kelly
Rebecca Kelly
Rebecca and David Kennerly
Chi Kephart
Jamie Kesterson
Leah Ketcham
Joni Key
Ghazala Khan
Humza Khan
Kamal Khan
Kiarash and Keya Khayatian
Boyoung Kim
Grace Kim
Daniel Kimbrough
Leah King
Kristi Kinsey
Paul Klapka
Alison Kmetko
Masao Kodani
Yeseniya Kogut
Daniel Komula
Marina Kookootsedes
Agnes Krauss
Tania Krausz-Levy
Judy Kravitz
Ernest J. and Nancy E. Krepelka
Joanna Ku
Joanna Ku
Kyle Kupiec
Andy Kurstin
Thomas Lady
Brett Lakey
Gloria Lamont
Johanna Landazuri
Bobby Lange
Allen Lanstra
Kannie Lapack
Joyce Lapinsky
Gibi Lappin
Danyel Lau
E L Lau
Sharon Lau
Lauren Schiff
Ami Lawrence
Elaine Lazelle
Joshua Lee
Carol Lempert
Abdou Lemseffer
Cibele Leon
Sarah Letts
Vikki Levine
Robin Kay Levine
Janet Levy
Juan Li
Steven P Lichtenstein
Gary Lichtig
Margaret Lidz
Weldena Lightner
Nancy Lilienthal
Kate and Eric Bauer
April Lindh
Kate and Andrew Lipkis
Dana Lira
Stephanie Liu
Amy Liu
Ruth Livier
Adam Lloyd
Angela Locke
Lee Loechler
German Lopez
Linda Lore
Tony Lore
Louder Cares
Sun Lover
Stephanie Lovick
Diane Luby Lane
Daysha Ludlow
Nikole Luebbe
lynn lustig
Jamie Lutz
Nancy Lux
Jessica Ly
Alex Lyass
jennifer lynch and Demian Wyma
Natassia Mabry
Sarah MacDonald
Jennifer and Dan MacDonald
Sally Madadian
Joseph Maddela
Yvette Magallanes
Stacy Mahaffay
Rahab Mahfud
Monica Mahoney
Sarah Mahoney
Peter Mair
Veronica Maldonado
Christina Males
Melanie Mallers
Meghan Malloy
Damian Malone
Suzanne Maloney
Elizabeth Malpelli
Sophia Mancall-Bitel
Gary Mandel
Meera Manek
Shawn Mann
Ron Mare
Rosmeri Marin
Janet Markman
Alicia Marquez
Pam Marsden
Scott Marshall
Melissa Marshall
Eleanor Martinez
Jonathan Martinez
Roxanna Martinez
Tito Martinez
Angela Martino
Harold and Amy Masor
Howard Mathues
Robyn Mattison
Christopher May and Barbara McGraw
Michelle Mayer
Jeffrey Mazique
Howard Mazzafro
Jean McCabe
Liz McCambridge
Shelley and Brian McCarthy
Maura McCaw
Muriel C. McClendon
Barbie McConnell
Fred McDaniels
Bill McDonald
Ann McElaney-Johnson
Joanna McFarland
Leland McGee
Cara McGee
Isabelle Mcgilvray
Jack McGregor
Michael Mckay
Michelle McKnight
Leann McLeod
McNamara Family Foundation
Sharon McQueen and Daniel Whalen
Karen McTier
Anthony Medovoy
Ankur Mehta
Ellen Meiselman
Giovanni Mejia
Alan and Joyce Melina
Susan Melsheimer
Stacey Mendoza
Erika Mendoza
Yesenia Mendoza-Menchaca
Shinjini Menon
Christina Merito
Kristin Mesko
Meverick Community
Jay Michael
Lo Ren Michelle
Microsoft Rewards
Cole Mier
Manije Milani
Susan W. and Joseph M. Miller
Lon Miller
Jonh Miller
Laura Mills
Kiana Mills
Anna Milner
Virginia Milstead
Karon Minasian
Roy Minayoshi
John Minnicucci
Jeffrey Mirvis
Tania Missad
David E. Mittman and Kathleen U. Mittman
Moelis & Company
Xiomara Moncada
Chynna Monforte
Chawin Mongkolsiriwattana
Monkey Bread Preschool
Dean Monti
Keri Moore
Andrea Moore
Christine Moore
Linda Morales
Xavi Moreno
Beth Morgan
Darrah Sharise Morgan
Cheyenne Morrisette
Richard Morton and Richard and Rita Morton
Andrew Morton
Courtamew Mosley
Liliana Mota
Tara Motamedi
Michael Mouracade
Evalynne Moyo
Lori Mozilo
Martin Mueller
William Mullin
Floriana Muntean
Dan Murphy
Ali Murtaza
Alyssa Musante
William Mutch
muy linda coffee co.
Robert Myers
Alec Myers
Craig Nadel
Claire Nalebuff
Laurie Narro
Matthew Nastuk
Mohamed Nazar
Haruka Nebesky
Gary Nellis
Pamela Nemzer
Lisa Nestor
Patricia Neuray
Nicole Brooker Strategy LLC
Eileen Ngo
TieuMy Nguyen
Vanessa Nguyen
Tanya Nolan
Sarah Noonan
Ida Nowaid
Andrea Nunn
Michelle Nuttall
Lisa O’Brien
Sara Lou O’Connor
Krista O’Neill
Merilee Oakes
Thomas Oberaigner
Fabrice Odero
Greg Offsay
Daniel Oh
Federico Ohannesian
Diana Olivarez
Jennifer Oliveira
Olmstead Williams Communications
Hillary Olsen
Maria Orozco
Richard Ortega
Charlene Paez
Pantaya, LLC
Rose and David Park
Laura Park
Edward Parker
Justin Parks
Hernan Partida
Leslie Paster Fhima
Samantha Pastor
Nina Patel
Gina Patel
Roxanne Patmon
Michelle Patterson
Lucas Paule
Martin Paull
Sandra Martinez Payne
Tim Peacock
Lauren Peddicord
Cole Pegula
Tara Peoples
Pepsi-Cola Company
Jose and Renee Perez
Stephen and Gordana Perlof
Emelia Persell
John & Emily Petro
Bao-Thuy Pham
Daniela Phelps
John Phillips
John Phillips
Janet Phillips
David Picciao
The PIMCO Foundation
Cynthia Pitts
Laura Placencia
Melanie Pollak
George Pollock
Vanessa Poma
Cristy Ponce
Staci Pontius and Derek Drouin
Joel Poole
Andrew Potvin
Diana Poulos
Power Digital
Leta Principe
The Progressive Insurance
Joe Provisor
Kathy Pullman
Patrick and Simone Purcell
Marlene Putterman
Leticia Quinones
Joaquina Quinones
Sonia Quinteros
Gilbert Radillo and Christiane Delgado
Mayra Ramirez
Gianluca rancati
Lynn and Stephen Rappaport
Nikki Rawnsley
Robin Raymond
John Redmond
Shawn Reed
Lacy Reilly
Reliable Nicks, Inc.
Laura Renger
Jan Reugebrink
Erika Reyes
Anthony Rhoden
Rebecca Rich
Susan Ricker and William Zarakas
Kimberly Ricks
Karrie Ridenour
Linda Rifkin
Carolina Rivera
Robert and Jackie Rosenberg Family Charitable Fund
Pamela Roberts
Kiersten Robinson
Bridgette Robinson
Jose I Rodriguez
Saul Rodriguez
Cassandra Rodriguez
Jay Rogers
Melissa Rojas
Antonio Rojas
Dianne Romero
Devi Roseboro-Casas
Todd Rosenberg
Alexandra Rosenberg
Toby and Sally Rosenblatt
James Rosenblatt
Barbara Rosenblum
Cynthia and Mark Rosin
Alan Ross
Erica Rothschild
Ryan Rowe
Nicholas Roye
Alex Rubens
Judy Rubin
Devin Rubio
Liz Ruddy
Rudolf Steiner Foundation, Inc.
Karin Ruiz
Ron & Karen Russak
Katherine Russell
Jason Russell
James Russell
Brigitta Ryle
Leila Sadeghi
Walt Salt
Eric Samuelson
Peter San
Aidee Sanchez
Lucy Sanchez
San Juan Taekwondo
Ganesh Sankaran
Scott Sansby
Reza Satemasiani
Jessica Sassalos
Tim Sato
Griffin Saxon
Gregg Scaglione
Erin Scarola
David Schiada
Tina Schiavone
Kelli Diane Schloemer
The Schmedemans
Kelly Schmidt
Kevin Schmiegel
Jeremy Schnurman
Mara Schoner
Jacob Schuman
Alex Schwartz
Jay Schwartz
Jennifer Schweikert
Julian Schweitzer
A SCohan
Michelle Scripoch
Sister Margaret Scurry RSHM
Braxton and Barndi Sealy
Barbara Seaman
Sempra Employee Giving Network
Sempra Energy
Stefano Serafini
Pepe Serventi
Sandra Sexton
Mary and Al Shadbourne
Bita Shafipour
Dani Shaker
Lesli Shapiro
Jo Sharon
Beverly and Sam Sheldon
Hongyan Sheng
Bettina Sherick
David Sherwood
Julie Silver
Mara Simmons
Blair Singer
Satinder Singh
Andrew and Julie Skatoff
Katie Skawski
Debra Skelton
A V Slater
Robert Slease
Matt Sloan
Ethan Smith
Marshall Smith
Stephen Smith
Richard Smith
Barbara Smith
Douglas Snow
Tim Snowber
Carol snyder
Beverlie Snyder
Diane Solomon
Sony Pictures Animation
Eden Soper
Brissa Sotelo-Vargas
Marisela Soto
Angela Soto
John and Ruth Souza
Bianca Spence
Spiral Paper Tube and Core Co., Inc.
Moira Squier
Tatevik Srapyan
Philip and Isabelle Stables
Jan and Jim Stacy
Chad Stadnicki
William Stafeil
Dylan Stancil
Barbara Starkand
Isabel and George Starn
Shira Steinberg
Jared Steinberg
Dana Steiner
Gretel Stephens
Taffy Stern
Vera Stewart
William Stillman
Tori Stoeckinger
Linda Stone
Charlie Stough
Amber Stover
Jane and Charles Strouse
Allison and Zach Studin
Harmony Studios
Cynthia Stuermer-Cobb
Sub City
Jeffrey Sudzin
Josh Suhr
Jan Sullivan
Reginald Sully II and Reginald Sully
LaCurtis Sumlin
Stacey Sundberg
Elaine and Cooke Sunoo
Anne and Lawrence Swartwood
Lourdes Swentek
David Swift
Dorothy Sybet
Alex Taggart
Leah Talactac
Ida and Gregory Talley
Kristy Talorico
Daisy Tan
Talmadge Tatum
Vanessa Taylor
Michelle Thaxton
Virginia Thomas
Tracie Thompson
Ronald Thompson
Marissa Thompson
Tiffany Tillman
Jennifer Tinucci
Jacqueline Titus
Jamie Tonet
Tracy Tong
Pamela Tong
Janet Torres
Sister Eileen Touhy, RSHM
Minh Tran
Allison Trefz
Courtney Trimble
Ray Tsang Cheung
Rachel Tscherwinski
John Tufarella
Richard Tuggle
Christopher Turk
David Turner
John Tyrrell
The UK Online Giving Foundation
Richard Umanoff
United Health Group
University of California, Los Angeles
University of La Verne
Unum Insurance
Alexandria Upshur
Stephen Upton
Arnold Uvas
Or-el Vaknin
Niki Vale
America Valtierra
Ashley Vargas
Emma Vaughters
Deborah Vega
Melissa Velasco
Leann Vernon
Fay Viola
Tony Voss
Stuart Wagner
Geordana Wagner-Porter
Ron and Martha Wakasa
Lisa Walco
Lauren Walker
Fred Wallace
Dylan Walsh
Carol Walters
Cassandra Walton
Jason Wanatick
Roland Wandeler
Mark and Rhonda Wapnick
Dana Ward
Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.
Tonya Warren
Frederic and Barbara Washburn
Geoffrey Watson
Joye and Steven Wees
Beth Weesner
Don and Carolyn Weigandt
Mark Weinberg
John Weiner and Michelle Glaser-Weiner
Weinman Fund
Aurora and Marc Weinstock
Jacob Weisman
Rhoda Weisman
Wells Fargo
Michele Wesierski
Brandon Westbrook
Cheryl White
Karen Whittemore
Jennifer Whyte
Shirley Wiliani
Sandy Wilk
Rachel Wilkie
Wlliam Willen
Sarah Williams
Larry Williams
Anthony Williams
Michael Williams
Linda Willis
Alvis Wilson
Stewart Wilson-Turner
Sabrina Wind
Patti and Daniel Winkel
Emily Winnall
Winning Edge Seminars
Benjamin Winston
Neal and Ila Alagia
Erin Witman
Hana Wittenberg
Ashley Wodehouse
Kathy Wong
Mo Sae Woo
Frederic Woocher and Wendy Dozoretz
Jenny Wood
Valda Wythe
Eric Yamashita
Joseph Yan
Alison Yates
Pai-Ling Yin
Graham and Constance Yost
Jennifer Young
Hui Yuan
Marcus Zalewski
Janeht Zamora
Jacqueline Zamora
Jay Zamora
Cesar Zarate
Loni Zeichner
Sue Zemka
Zoey Zimmerman
Andrew Ziolkowski
Steven Zrucky
Greg Zumas

*This list reflects donations made between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022.

We’re sorry if we overlooked you, misspelled or incorrectly listed your name. Please let us know and we will happily correct our records.

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