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The work we do here at A Place Called Home would not be possible without the generous support of our donors.

Thank you!


DBS Bank Los Angeles
Herbalife Nutrition Foundation
John Mohme Foundation
Snap Foundation
The 2010 Faith Charitable Trust
The David and Linda Shaheen Foundation
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation


Ann Peppers Foundation
Bagnard Family Foundation
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Barbara Glazer and Philip Morton
BCM Foundation
Brigitta Ryle
Department of Education
Dwight Stuart Youth Fund
Edward A. and Ai O. Shay Family Foundation
Gareth and Jennifer Schweitzer
George Hoag Family Foundation
Golden Globe Foundation
Howard and Stephanie Sherwood
Jay & Deanie Stein Foundation Trust
Johnny Carson Foundation
Joseph Drown Foundation
Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation
LA84 Foundation
Linda May and Jack Suzar
Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture
Marcus Ryle and Susan Wolf
Maryellen Zarakas
P.C. and Rosana Chao Foundation
Pam Dawber
Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary Area Center
Ross Stores Foundation
Sheila, Dave and Sherry Gold Foundation
Shiaoting & Bill jing-Lu
Signature Estate & Investment Advisors (SEIA)
Skylight Foundation, a legacy of the Gary E. Milgard Family Foundation
Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.
Susan Napier and Alex Berger
The Carol and James Collins Foundation
The Change Reaction
The Lockridge Charitable Foundation
The Mark Hughes Foundation
The Sharon D. Lund Foundation
Thomas McCabe
Tom Bernthal and Sheryl Sandberg Fund
U.S. Bank Foundation
Walter Miller


Academy Securities
Adam Waldman
Adobe Employee Community Fund
Aftermath Entertainment
Amber Stover
American Business Bank
Amir Esmailian
Bank of the West
BH Properties
Blackman Family Foundation
Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation
Chance Mims
Cyrus and Michelle Hadidi
Daniel and Vicki Gold
David Keller
David Kerns and Becca Scott
Douglass Sisk
ECMC Foundation
Finish Line Youth Foundation
Gary Lichtig
Genesis of South Bay
Hollywood Charity Horse Show
Jenay Root
John Gogian Family Foundation
Kathryn Price Converse and Michael Converse
Liberty Hill Foundation
Live Free 999 Foundation
Lon V. Smith Foundation
Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation
Los Angeles Rams
Mark Schissel
Marshall and Kathy Wax
Nathan Cummings Foundation
Peter Rice and Megan Haller
Pfaffinger Foundation
Richard and Shari Foos
Rima Fakih Slaiby
Rite Aid Foundation
Robert and Gail Israel
Rosey and Alicia Miller
Ruth/Allen Ziegler Foundation
Sally Mishkind
Selwyn Gerber
Sharon Rhodes
Sibley-Saltonstall Charitable Foundation
Siebert Williams Shank & Co.
Southern California Gas Company
The Chuck Lorre Family Foundation
The Davidow Charitable Fund
The Joe Edmonds and Linda Smith Family Fund
The Kroger Co.
The Ryan and Genevieve Tedder Foundation
U.S. Bank
Will and Kristin Price Foundation


Allied World Insurance Company
Arktura, LLC
Arlene and Jerry Rosin
Aspect Ratio, Inc.
Beverly and Sam Sheldon
Celebrity Family Feud
Chad Miller
Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Memorial Foundation
Chris Hickok
Clement and Candace Hirsch
Craig Murray
Drew Meyers
Elevance Health Foundation (formerly Anthem Blue Cross)
Golden State Foods (GSF) Foundation
Goodwin Family Memorial Trust
HH and Gertrude Klein Foundation
J.A. Daley III Foundation
Jeremy Kaplan
Joel Lara
Jordan Gietz
Joshua Russak and Margarita Osuna
JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Kathryn Frazier
Kevin King
KLM Foundation
L.A. Lakers Youth Foundation
Larissa and Chris Chapin
Lois Rozet
Louise Hamagami and Marc Shmuger
Luka Kloser
Mark Armstrong
Matthew Cooper
Maura Howe and Rodd Perry
Michael Wendorf
Michelle Raimo Kouyate
Names Family Foundation
Nancy E. Barton Foundation
Nicholas Mars
Nichole Millard
Pulte Family Charitable Foundation
Rande Johnsen
Reilly Branciforte
Ruchika Garga
Sharon Hauptman
Sidley Austin LLP
Soleil Moon Frye
Spencer and Amber Wilcox
Terrence Dibble
The Apatow-Mann Family Foundation
The Canet Foundation
The Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation
The Michael Baer Trust
The Refinery AV
Venable Foundation, Inc.
Wurwand Foundation


1Cal Plaza
2137 Films
Adaeze Cadet
Adam and Melissa Shaivitz
Add-On Computer
Adriene Bowles
Aiklim Kok
A La Carte Solutions
Albert Sanders
Alexis Seegan
All-American Construction Solutions
Allison and Zack Studin
Allison Trefz
Amazon Smile Foundation
Andrew and Vanessa McInnes
Andy Cheng
Angela Peavy
Angie Shaeffer
Anthony Guagliano
Ares Management, L.P. – Los Angeles
Bank of America
Barbara Nagamoto and Donald Baxter
Benjamin Kutcher
Beth Styne
Beverly Hills Car Club
BLT Communications
Brenda Wiewel
Brett Winn and Pam Levin
Brian and Lydia Wasiak
Brooks and Grace Van Horn
Cameron Charitable Fund
Capital One Services, LLC
Carla Kessler
Carl E. Wynn Foundation
Carmel Partners
Carole and Chris Kerns
Casey Kriley
Catherine and Robert Ross
Cerity Partners – Los Angeles
Charmaine and Eddie Atherton
Chisick Family Foundation
Chris Wilkens
City First Bank
Collage Dance Theatre
Commonwealth Business Bank
Cooper Mount
David and Masako Rosen Family Foundation
David Hong
Dawnie and Scott Campbell
DBS Vickers USA
Destiny Coaching and Consulting
Diane Krehbiel
Donna and Jorge Raphael
Donna LaFollette
Dorothy Fleisher
Edison International Employee Contributions Campaign
Eileen and Curtis Wong
Elaine Yu
Elizabeth and Johnny Lopez
El Pollo Loco Charities
Emily Hopton
Emma Pereira
Enterprise Bank & Trust
Ethan Smith
Felecia Scott
Florence and Mike Madani
Fonda Snyder
Gary Krausz
Gilbert Radillo and Christiane Delgado
Gloria and Larry Spungin
Gonzalez Silverman Family Fund
Google, Inc.
Greg and Karen Brody
Gregory (Skyzoo) Taylor
Gregory Gelfan and Lucy Butler
Greg Zumas
Hal and Kathleen Gershman Foundation
Hamed Tavajohi and Jihan Ceyhan
Hannah Berger
Hannah Berger
Hannah Cox
Harlan Palmer
Harrison Wax and Abigail White
Hayley Wood and Chad Bates
Hillspire Employee Gifting Benefits Program
Howard Banchik
Howard Bernstein
Ian Reasor
Ida and Gregory Talley
Illumination Entertainment
J.B. Berland Foundation
Jacqueline Jimenez
Jacqueline Landry
James and Elizabeth Burgess
Jeff and Gisela Friedman
Jennifer Allen
Jennifer MacDonald and Adam Rosenblatt
Jenny Arden
Johanna Judah and Lief Rosenblatt
John Souza Jr
Jon and Erin Bernthal
Joseph Pittman
Jose Rivas
Juan Dominguez
Julie Pilat
Julie Silver
Karen Moore
Katherine A Belsky
Kevin Delson
Kevin Rhein
Kiersten Robinson
Kimberly Flaster
Kimley-Horn Foundation
Kristine Quiocho
Kwan Family ENAZ Foundation
Laine and Lisa Kline
Laura Banty
Lauri Brown
Laurie and Ron Bahar
Les Paul Foundation
Lily Tillers
Linda and Stephen Burum
Lindsay Unwin
Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Charities
Magical Elves
Malinda Monterrosa
Marc Rozman
Margaret and John Given
Margaret Converse
margaret keene
Maria Salinas
Marina Kookootsedes
Mark and Barbara Overland
Mark Ivener
Mark Woollen and Associates
Martha Berumen Sanchez
Marymount High School
Max Michaels
Mayer Brown
Meg and David Sameth
Melissa Palazzo-Hart and Chris Hart
Melvin Ang
Michael Reedy
Michele Schuster
Micheline Donjacour
Monica Levinson
Noah Bethke
Noble and Lorraine Hancock Family Fund
Noel Nosseck
Nutritional Research Foundation
Olivia Reyes
Opta Nevada Group
Pamela and Josh Reims
Pamela Lifford
Paramount Pictures
Paul and Susan Tordella
Paul Ekstrand
Paul Golding and Kristine Belson
Pharida and John Long
Pirktl Giving Fund
Piyush and Richard Leslie Korn/ Prakash
Platinum Business Management Group
Post Investment Group
Preston Lewis
Principal Foundation
Reed and Nairi Gardiner
Reginald Scott
Reza Saremaslani
Reza Satemasiani
Richard B and Rita Morton
Riot Games
RJ Hutton Charitable Trust
Robert Mirvis
Rob Fresco
Rose and David Park
Roy Zaki
Sameera Kolhatkar
Sanford Wilk
San Marino Congregational Church, United Church of Christ
Sarah MacDonald
Sean Dalesandro
Self-Realization Fellowship Church
Seth Althoff
shahrzad panahi
Sharon McQueen and Daniel Whalen
Silvia Ramirez
Southern California Tennis Association
Specialty Family Foundation
Stanley Iezman and Nancy Lezman
Starbucks Foundation
Steve Doyle
Steven Lathrop
Sub City
Subhash Tahilramani
Susan and Ken Bauer
Susan W. and Joseph M. Miller
Suzan Hughes Education Foundation
Tai-Heng Cheng
Takashi and Lily Hori Family Fund
Team VI Management
The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
The Kleiner Cohen Foundation
The Loughridge Williams Foundation
The Vollmer Family Foundation
The Walt Disney Company
The Wonderful Company
The Zelman Family Fund
Thomas Davidson
Thomas Safran
Tom Oberaigner
Tony Kanal
Tse-Wei Choe
Ty Bentli
U.S. Bank Foundation Employee Matching Gift Program
Ward and Mari Bukofsky
Wells Fargo
Wescom Foundation
William and Valentina Mudd
William Stafeil
Ziegler Family Foundation


27 Miles Malibu
Abeer Alwan
Abhishek Sinha
Adam Beilenson
Adelle and Robert Finkel
Adrienne Cole
Alan and Joyce Melina
Alan Gardner
Amber Amburn
Amrita and Simran Bindra
Amy Shomer & Associates
Andrew Polonsky
Andrew Potvin
Anisa Rashad
Anna Davis
Anne and Lawrence Swartwood
Anne Hill
Antonia Tritthart
Artistry Group
Arturo Rubio
Ash Brannon
Ashley Falls
AuditBoard, Inc
Aurora and Marc Weinstock
Austin Lee
Barbara and Jorge Sandoval
Barbara Seaman
Barbara Vass
Baron Fortune
Beauty 21 Cosmetics, Inc.
Betty Graham
Borrowed Bling
Boyoung Kim
Bradford Hughes
Brandon Gruzen
Brooke Reinhart
Cameron Warner
Cara Miller
Carol Meyers
Carol snyder
Carol Wexler
Carolyne Black
Carol Zee
Carrie Hughes
Carrie Wiltshire
Celia Ryan
Charles Furst
Charles Newirth
Chris Anderson
Christina Wheeler
Christine Cadena
Christopher Daniel
Christopher May and Barbara McGraw
CJ Jones
Clarence Williams
Colette Brooks
Commando LLC
Cory Andersen
Courtney Lilly
Craig Brody
Craig jackman
Credit Karma
Cristina Briskie-Wood
Cynthia Milstein
Cynthia Pitts
Dale Asti
Damian Malone
Damon Ross
Dana Flowers
Dana Green and Jason Wanatick
Daniel Enzler
Daniel Hopper
Daniel Jerome Forbes
Daniel Kimbrough
Danielle Piskorz and Peter Sullivan
Daniel Roman
Daniel Rosenthal
Dan McCabe
Dan Murphy
Dan Stier
Darlene Valle
David Berrent
David Hanpeter and Rosalie Maxwell
David Picciao
David Scheper
David Swift
Dawn Yamazi
Deborah Gould
Debra Curtis
Debra Frank
Delphine Mann
Denise Clavesilla
Denise Nance
Derrin Watson
Destiny Esposito
Des Walsh and Laura Devlin
diamond foster
Diana and Patrick Schmedeman
Diane Ainsworth
Diane Rose-Solomon
Didun Ayodeji
Dolby Labratories, Inc.
Dominique Vialar
Doneen Arquines
Donovan LLP
Douglas Hattaway
Downtown Music’s Employee Resource Group, GEM
Drew Davis
Ed Block Courage Award Foundation, Inc.
Eden Ferry
Edward Michaels
Eftihia Danellis
Elaine and Cooke Sunoo
Elaine Brown
Elaine Johnson
Electronic Arts
Elinor R Bass
Elin Schwartz
Elise Karl
Elizabeth Perry
Elizabeth Watson and James Brock
E L Lau
Elmer Hassell
Emelia Persell
Emily Beatty
Emily Frisella
Emma Eldred
Emma Loos
Erica Jacalone
erica rothschild
Erika Anaya
Esha Sinha
Esteban&Angie Santos
Ethan Bahar
Eve Guth
Feldman Family Trust Charitable Fund
Fernando Cornejo
Francisco Velasquez
Frank Lavin
Gardner Automotive Comm
Gary and Cynthia Arakawa
Gary Jimenez
Geetha Moorthy
Gianluca rancati
Glauz Family Foundation
Gloria LaMont
Gloria LaMont
Goldman, Sachs & Co Matching Gift Program
Gordon McGregor
Grace Teng
Graham and Constance Yost
Gretchen Jaeger
Griffin Saxon
guy cnop
Harmony Studios
HazelsBag & Apparel
Hillary Olsen
Howard and Lynn Arimoto
Hypatia Kingsley
Ielaf Altoma
Ileanna Sawyer
Imani Wilkinson
Impact 4 Good
Jackie Brooks
Jacqeuline DjeDje
Jacquelle Kapland
Jacqui Brennan
James and Deborah McCabe
James Rosenblatt
Jan and Jim Stacy
Jane and Charles Strouse
Jane Gutman
Jane Long
Janet Levy
Janet Markman
Janine Stern
Jaronna Yates
Jason Chew
Jean Kalanzi
Jean McCabe
Jeannine Holt
Jeff Chia
Jeffrey Almonte
Jeffrey Hall
Jeffrey Mirvis
Jenna Gibbs
Jennifer and Dan MacDonald
Jennifer Rogers Doyle
Jennifer Weg
Jennifer Whyte
jennifer young
Jeremy Katz
Jessica Cherness
Jessica Ellis
Jim and Joanne and Jim Cohen
Jim and Maddy Zimring
Joanne Sharon
Jodi Yeskel
Johanna Rioux
John Eisenberg
John Hanks
Jonathan Hodge
Jonathan Zeichner and Monica Chinlund
Jordan Kaplan
Jorge Morales
Jorg Wallrabe
Jose and Renee Perez
Jose Gutierrez
Joseph Bourassa
Joseph Padpad
Jo Sharon
Joshua Gilman
Joye and Steven Wees
Judy Kravitz
Judy Rubin
Julia Pistor
Julie Brown
Justin Uribe
Kacie Crane
Kaesha Fluegeman
Karen McTier
Karen Sulzberger and Eric Lax
karen whittemore
Kari Dixon
Katharine Haake
Kathleen Andrews
Kathy Kamei
Kathy Kamei Designs
Katie Alheim
Katie Alheim
Katie and Craig Brody
Katie Gitelson
kay gallin
Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors Foundation
Kenneth Hoo
Kenneth Scopp
Kenyon Otero
Kerianne Lentz
Kevin Demoff
Kevin Goetz
Kiarash and Keya Khayatian
Kim and James Wilkinson
Kris Klask
Kristina Hohne
Kush Malhorta
Laura Mills
Laura Teusink
Laurie Sale
Leah Clark
Leehsin Fang
Lee Newman
Leslie and Gail Trubow
Lilly and Andy Yeatman
Linda and Melvin Ang
Linda Dreyfuss
Linda Stone
Lisa and Darren Callahan
Lisa Carroll
Lisa Feldman Riegler
Logan Fuentes
Lori Miller
Louise Houghton
Louise Parker
lourdes Ransier
Luke Williams
Lydia Coleman
Lynn and Stephen Rappaport
Madison Schaffer
Majed & Anusha Kheir
Manije Milani
Manwendra Sinha
Mara Curtis
Mara Simmons
Marci Wiseman
Marcus Zalewski
Margaret Howe
Margo Lane
Marianne and Edward Fisher
Marie Forgione
Marilu Guevara
Mark Burmeister
Mark Cohen
Mark Weinberg
Marsha Tilles
Martin Mueller
Mary Sutherby
Matthew Benedetto
Matthew Nastuk
Matthew Pelosi
Megan Farrell
Melissa Taylor
Merilee Oakes
Mesmeric Media
Michael Backstrom
Michael Earnhardt
Michelle Mayer
Michelle Nadjar
Mira Zimet
Miyuki Chung
MMS US Holdings
Monica Hsu
Muriel C McClendon
Nancy and Barry Sanders
Nancy L Chakravarty
Natalie Serra
Nataliya Mehta
Natasha Dubin-Collatos
Natasha Hilton
Nathan Flynn
Nichole Bell
Nicole Brooker
Nima Nasseri
Nina Sadowsky
Noelle Cooke
Norman and Esther Youtan
Olivia Ambrocio de Perez
Oreet Rees
Pam and Barton Wald
Pamela Chan
Pamela Popovich
Pamela Postrel
Pam Marsden
Patricia McTeague
Patrick and Simone Purcell
Patti McTeague
Patty and Curt Alheim
Paula Killen
Paul and Lauren MacDougall
Paul Hahn
Paul Jacques
Pegasus Aster
Peter Adee
Peter Shiner
Pia James
Piyush Gupta
Priscilla Bernal
Rachel Donahoe
Rachel Wilkie
Randy Christopher
Raymond Grundeman
Renee and Mark Gander
Renee Johnson
Reza Fahim
Richard and Sharon Feldstein
Richard Kok
Richard Ortega
Richard Smith
richard vargo
Richie Ressel
Robert and Jackie Rosenberg Family Charitable Fund
Robert Chun
Robert Folkman
Robert Mosher
Robert Slease
Robin Levine
Roger Fox
Ron & Jaxon Schur
Ronald Spiegel
Ronald Thompson
Ron and Martha Wakasa
Ron Mare
Roxanne Patmon
Rudy Carbajal
Sandy Wilk
Sara Kim
Sarina Simon
Sean Lewis
Sempra Energy
Shanda Goodman
Shaneka McDonald
Shane Thompson
Sharon Elster
Sharon Hearn
Shawn Stevens
shelby Chong
Shelly DeVries
Simone Benyacar
Sonia Quinteros
Spiral Paper Tube and Core Co., Inc.
Staci Pontius and Derek Drouin
Stacy Lautzenheiser
Stephanie Allen
Stephanie Clark-Ochoa
Stephen Smith
Stephen Upton
Steve Lichtenstein
Stewart Wilson-Turner
Stuart Robinson
Sunanta Chuatrakul
susan friedman
Susan Ricker and William Zarakas
Taffy Stern
Tatia Lee
Thea Nietfeld
The Arnold and Jill Bellowe Family Foundation
The Center for Effective Philanthropy Inc
The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation
The Hit House
The Rosenstein Family Fund
The Wagman Foundation
Thomas English
Thomas Murphy
Tierra Luckey
Timothy Barr
Timothy Dashwood
Tina Berkett
Tiziana Simpson
Toby and Daniel Bernstein
Toby and Sally Rosenblatt
Todd Rosenberg
Tom Gibbs
Tom Luer
Tori Fisk
tracy tong
Tricia Ellis
U.S Accenture
Vera Stewart
Veronica Brooks
Veronica Garcia
Veronica Maldonado
Vivien Lewit
Walsh Charitable Fund
We Care Wescom Credit Union
Wesley Smith
Wilhelm Hornstrand
William and Nancy Gubin
William Coyle
Yan Hong Lee
Yanying He and Gary Nellis
Zocchi Family Inspiration
Zoe Chau

*This list reflects donations made between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023.
We’re sorry if we overlooked you, misspelled or incorrectly listed your name. Please let us know and we will happily correct our records.

A Place Called Home is supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture.

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