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Spring Art & Digital Media Showcase

May 24, 2019

APCH’s young artist from our Art and Digital Media programs showcased their masterpieces at The Bridge Theater for the whole community to see. We displayed work from members enrolled in Photography, Teen Experimental Art, Textile Art, Exploring Photoshop, Videos with Impact, Film Production, Comic Art and Illustration, and Printmaking classes. Some of that work is still displayed in our lobby gallery at The Bridge. Don’t miss out on your chance to come and view some of these spectacular art pieces.  Sign up for a tour by clicking on the link here. 



Field trip: Textile Art at the Huntington Library

May 4, 2019
The Fiber Arts Day at Huntington Library was an amazing opportunity for our members to experience and learn first hand how to use a spinning wheel and turn wool pin into yarn using century old devices and new age machines. They got to learn to weave, loom, to dye sheep wool using natural dyes like roots and flowers, and how to make yarn using different plants.  Members were surrounded by nature and all its beauty at the Huntington Library.
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