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Technology Transformation

Since APCH opened its doors nearly 30 years ago, we’ve operated under a simple principle: that ALL children need and deserve safety, support, and opportunities; and that the zip code you are raised in should not determine your quality of life. The APCH Technology Transformation will bridge the digital divide in South Central, and equip generations of young people, their families, and our staff with the technological access and skills to thrive in a post-pandemic world.

In 2020 when the pandemic hit and APCH had to limit campus activities, we launched the APCH Virtual Programs Hub by leveraging low and no-cost platforms and the ingenuity of our staff. This quick pivot allowed us to stay connected with our members and continue offering high quality programs and services as everyone sheltered safely at home. Two years later, APCH has launched a commitment to leveraging technology to support mission delivery, and has taken steps to envision, plan, budget and execute on a Technology Transformation initiative that will develop APCH into a leading edge technology savvy organization working to prepare its constituents to participate fully in the 21st Century economy.  This initiative will include building out operations and instructional infrastructure, training staff, developing new methodology and curricula, equipping 100% of APCH members, and expanding APCH’s programmatic reach beyond its historic geographic and physical limitations.

The Transformation will move APCH virtual programming from responsive to proactive – providing our members with the cutting-edge equipment and technology skills to prepare them for 21st Century careers. The APCH campus will transform over the coming years into a centrally located state-of-the-art technologically equipped community hub for thousands of young people, families, and residents. If members are having hardware or internet issues, they will be able to come to the APCH campus to use a state of the art computer lab with staff support. Members that are unable to get to campus will be able to access classes and services through The Virtual Programs Hub, and will have access to creative and industry-specific software licenses and the training to prepare them for real world careers. Additionally, the APCH Counseling and Membership departments will be able to support families in crisis, using technology to provide resources, expedite application processes, offer remote counseling sessions, and engage in effective case management and referrals.

Key Components of our Technology Transformation


Innovation and planning through collaboration and input from expert advisors in technology infrastructure, education technology, and adaptive methods for remote programming.


Investment in state of the art hardware and software for all members, at home and on campus, including equipment for providing remote, hybrid, and asynchronous instruction


Intensive Training and Skill Development for 21st Century careers, for both APCH members and staff


Documentation to support sustainability, replication and quality assurance. Creation of the APCH Blueprint – a multimedia web-based platform to provide training, curricula, best practices, quality assurance, and evaluation protocols to support excellence and efficacy

How You Can Help

In Fall of 2021, a dedicated committee of APCH Board members and community leaders established the Jonathan Zeichner Bridge to the Future Fund, with a goal of raising $1M by June, 2022, as a foundational resource on which to build ongoing support for the APCH Technology Transformation. 

Interested in learning more about this opportunity? Please contact Katie Alheim, Chief Development Officer. 

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