What We Do

Health, Nutrition & Well-Being

Our Health, Nutrition & Well-Being program offers nourishment for the body, mind and spirit.  We start with an on-site fruit and vegetable garden, where members get in touch with nature and grow healthy, fresh food. We provide daily nutritious meals and snacks prepared from scratch in our kitchen – in some cases, the only complete meal our members will have all day. We provide exercise and organized sports programs that aren’t available in schools anymore. And we respond to and address the psychological and emotional needs of members and their families on an immediate basis.  Read more…

Educational Services

It all begins with learning. Learning how the world works, who we are, and what it takes to succeed and contribute… EDUCATION is an important cornerstone of the work at APCH– literacy, intellectual curiosity, critical thinking skills and a love of learning – these are the rungs of the ladder for our members to rise above the challenges of the neighborhood.  Read more…

Creative Expressions

At A Place Called Home we provide support for the whole child, including their imagination and creative voice. Through Fine Arts, Music, Studio Recording, Dance, Theater, Writing, Spoken Word and Digital Multimedia programs, every young person at APCH is encouraged to explore different modes of expression. In each of these, the young person has the experience of working in a focused way to develop their ideas from inception through the evolutionary and often collaborative process involved in creating art that speaks from the heart and is ready to be shared. Along the way, our young creatives build tolls, skills and self-discipline that translates into all areas of their lives.

Bridge to the Future – Teen Services

South Central youth need positive alternatives if they are to overcome the many challenges before them. Our youth cannot solely rely on schools and other traditional resources to help them achieve healthy, productive, and fulfilling futures. APCH’s Bridge to the Future program provides critical support and opportunities to our teen members through seven critical components.  Read more…

Community Initiatives

A Place Called Home is committed to guiding our members and families toward civic engagement that lifts up the entire community. Our Community Service & Outreach program provides volunteer opportunities at APCH and links our members and families to local neighborhood resources. We live in the community, and the community lives in us. Read more…

Parent Involvement and Classes

A Place Called Home is not a typical social services agency, it;s a family. And like all healthy families, it’s all about give and take. We expect the parents of our members to get involved at APCH, whether as volunteers or advocates or event producers or representatives on the APCH Parent Partners Circle. And, we also want the parents to have fun and hone their life skills so they can take more active roles in their children’s lives and in the community. So, we offer various kinds of classes throughout the year, from exercise and nutrition to parenting, leadership training, legal clinics, immigration discussions, and many more. An informed, empowered, engaged parent can make all the difference in their child’s future.

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