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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Serving on the APCH Board of Directors is a special opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with other dedicated professionals, entrepreneurs, and community representatives who are contributing and cultivating funds, and providing strategic leadership and planning. Our high-functioning Board delivers executive-level vision and guidance as APCH continues to grow and evolve. On our Board, you can make a high-level, long-term impact on APCH’s future, from growth and capital campaigns to marketing, HR, and policymaking.

To learn more, please email CEO Norayma Cabot to schedule an exploratory call and get more details about the commitment and expectations involved.

Gareth Schweitzer

Board Chair

Barbara Glazer
Vice Chair

Susan Napier
Vice Chair

Hamed Tavajohi

Maryellen Zarakas

Dawn Campbell

Sister Patricia Connor, RSHM

Michael Converse

Kathryn Frazier

Louise Hamagami

Sharon Hauptman

Bob Israel

Jacqueline Jimenez

Michelle Raimo Kouyate

Tom McCabe

Edgar Morales

Melissa Palazzo-Hart

Howard Sherwood

Stephanie Sherwood

Ethan Smith

Vera Stewart

Marshall Wax

Susan Wolf

Adam Rosenblatt
Leadership Council Chair

Lifetime Directors

Robert Davidow

Peter M. Gilhuly, ESQ.

Cyrus Hadidi

Kenneth Karmin

Bruce Newberg

Julie Pilat

Dawn Taubin

Stephen Winston

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