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Educational Services

The ZIP code you are born into is the strongest determining factor in the quality of life you will have. 62% of the residents in our 90011 ZIP code don’t have high school diplomas; only 3% have college degrees. Children growing up in South Central Los Angeles face tremendous obstacles and adversity – that’s where APCH comes in.

Education Services at APCH

At APCH, we know that being a motivated scholar begins with a passion for learning, and a belief that you can control your own destiny. Instilling those traits is at the core of every literacy program, tutoring service, and learning regimen we provide for hundreds of young people every day.

Many of our children are with us from the age of 8 until adulthood – so we are able to build learning skills at a young age and help with their transitions through high school, college and beyond. We encourage parents to take an active role in supporting their children’s educational pathways, so our members are supported at APCH and at home.

Education Services at APCH

Literacy and Academic Tutoring

APCH is committed to improving literacy and reading engagement for all of our members. We not only provide tutoring services, but we build a passion for the written word through reading workshops, book clubs, poetry writing classes, arts classes, and more. In turn, each of these programs helps to nourish and nurture our members’ imaginations and creative skills.

High school graduation rate for APCH kids is 95% and matriculation to college is 80%

Our members receive one-on-one attention they rarely get at school. Our program instructors, tutors, and volunteers, many of whom are bilingual, deliver hundreds of hours of tutoring and literacy training each and every week. In addition to literacy, our tutors cover math, science, English, history and cultural identity, while promoting the independent, critical thinking skills that empower and inspire our members to complete their own homework, reach academic success, and help younger members and siblings as they become their best academic selves.

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