Educational Services

Crime is at historic lows, but the 300,000 children of L.A.’s hot zones still are not sufficiently safe. After you’ve reduced crime, what else has to happen to reduce trauma and produce safety for kids in the gang zones?   – Connie Rice, Founding Co-Director, Advancement Project
Momenta19In the United States today the zip code into which you are born is the strongest determining factor in the quality and outcomes of your life. In the 90011 zip code A Place Called Home serves, you have to work harder to create a positive future, and education is essential.

According to a study released by the Advancement Project in 2011, the 90011 zip code area exhibits low academic performance, high truancy rates, low high school graduation rates, and a low percentage of teachers with full credentials. Over 75% of 90011 residents lack a high school diploma and only 3.2% having attained a four-year college degree. The high school dropout rate in the area is between 45-55%. The 2008/09 economic crash and its aftermath have continued to take the heaviest toll on people already living in poverty, and the need for our programs and services is higher than ever.

Empowerment to take responsibility for one’s own life is at the core of APCH’s philosophy. Positive change starts when an individual recognizes that s/he has choices, and that realization begins with learning. Learning how the world works, the history that created this moment, and what it takes to be happy, healthy, and make a contribution… EDUCATION– literacy, intellectual curiosity, critical thinking skills and a love of learning – these are the rungs of the ladder for our members to climb above the challenges of the neighborhood and start taking responsibility and taking advantage of opportunities to make a better life.

Every day we provide reading, literacy, tutoring services, and academic support for hundreds of young people, from 2nd grade through high school and beyond. Because young people stay with us for years, we are able to support them as they transition from primary to secondary school and on to higher education.

Our ultimate goal is to enable youth to access higher learning and advanced training opportunities that lead to honorable, fulfilling and good paying work. Our best results are attained when the partnership between students, instructors, and parents is strong. Families that are able to take an active role in supporting their children’s education make a huge difference, and we invite and encourage parents to partner with us in creating pathways to success for their children.

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