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Leadership Council

The Leadership Council is a diverse group of emerging professionals who use their career and life skills to educate, inform and inspire the youth of A Place Called Home. Through a mix of field trips, mentorships, career panels, activities, and participation at APCH events, the Leadership Council leverages its belief that the young people of APCH can accomplish anything if they’re given the support to develop their skills and the knowledge to pursue the opportunities available to them.  The focus of the LC is engagement with the members, supporting APCH programs, introducing new people to the center, and bringing additional awareness to APCH and its invaluable work.

For more information, please email Gilbert Radillo at [email protected].

Leadership Council Members

Adam Rosenblatt

Chad Bates

Emily Hopton

Josh Russak

Hayley Wood

Lily Yeatman

The Leadership Council is looking to expand, by bringing in committed, passionate and driven individuals
who understand that giving back their time and resources can collectively help to shape the future of APCH members.
If this sounds like you, we invite you to apply!

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