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Wellness :
Health & Nutrition

At A Place Called Home, we provide nourishment for the mind, body, and spirit through all of our programs, including mental health counseling, nutrition/meal service, urban agriculture, and athletics.

Health Programs at APCH
Mental Health Services

Every year, our Counseling Center provides daily comprehensive mental health counseling on our campus. Our members and their families, and the students of Da Vinci RISE High at APCH, are able to access services delivered by trained professionals, ensuring that they have the psychological support and tools to build resilience, overcome adversity, and make affirmative life decisions.


Children cannot learn and thrive on an empty stomach. Our nutrition staff produces thousands of freshly cooked meals every month for our members, and we distribute thousands of bags of groceries throughout the year. Our community gardens provide fresh produce, and our members take part in classes to understand the benefits of growing and preparing one’s own food. We teach our families to create healthy, tasty, and economical meals so they can enjoy food, while minimizing risk factors for diabetes, obesity, and other chronic conditions that plague many low income neighborhoods.

Gardening at APCH

Kids need to run, play, and exercise. Unfortunately, many inner-city schools no longer have the resources to offer PE classes, and many neighborhood parks simply aren’t safe to play in. A lack of daily exercise adversely impacts children’s well-being and physical development, as well as contributing to the obesity epidemic.

APCH founded the South Central Sports League for all genders to participate in organized soccer, basketball, flag football, and volleyball throughout the year. We also provide yoga, running, swimming, surfing, hiking, and extended, safe playground time at our facilities. We’re helping kids build their health, self-esteem and camaraderie through participation in movement, teamwork, and lots of old fashioned play time. Parents get involved as boosters and cheerleaders for their kids. All our organized sports games have referees and we culminate with trophy award and recognition for good sportsmanship.

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