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Board of Directors


If so, there are many ways and levels for you to work directly with APCH, from volunteering, to mentoring, to getting your company involved or attending events. Serving on our Board of Directors is a special opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with a group of dedicated professionals, executives and entrepreneurs who are contributing and cultivating funds, and providing strategic leadership and planning. Our high functioning Board delivers executive level vision and guidance as APCH continues to grow and evolve. On our Board, you can make a high level, long term impact on everything from growth and capital campaigns to marketing, HR and policy making.

Barbara Glazer
Board Chair

Gareth Schweitzer
Vice Chair

Susan Napier
Vice Chair

Hamed Tavajohi

Maryellen Zarakas

Dawn Campbell

Sister Patricia Connor, RSHM

Michael Converse

Louise Hamagami

Robert Israel

Michelle Raimo Kouyate

Melissa Palazzo-Hart

Kathryn Price Converse

Howard Sherwood

Stephanie Sherwood

Vera Stewart

Marshall Wax

Susan Wolf

Adam Rosenblatt
Leadership Council Chair

To learn more, please email Executive Director Norayma Cabot to schedule an exploratory call and get more details about the commitment and expectations involved.

Lifetime Directors

Robert Davidow

Peter M. Gilhuly, ESQ.

Cyrus Hadidi

Kenneth Karmin

Bruce Newberg

Julie Pilat

Dawn Taubin

Stephen Winston

Advisory Committee

Laila Ali

Shondrella Avery

Florence Azria

Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith

Dr. Rickie Byars

Debbie Cerrito

Ned Colletti

Giselle Fernandez

Adam Fogelson

Richard Foos

Robert Greenwald

Catherine Hession

Jonathan Hodge

Arianna Huffington

The Honorable Jackie Lacey

Sister Jennie Lechtenberg

McG (Joseph McGinty Nichol)

Sid Ganis

Nely Galan

Randy Jackson

Robyn M. Mattison

Alan Melina


Andrea Navedo

Dawn Ostroff

Mark Ostroff

Keke Palmer

Holly Robinson Peete

Rodney Peete

Jan Perry

Jessica Rich

John Salley

Marc Shmuger

Robert Thompson

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