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10 Things Our Kids Are Thankful For This Thanksgiving

At A Place Called Home our members get help to get ahead, create great lives, and become people who make a positive difference in the world.

Hundreds of youth ages 8 to mid-20s come to our center every day, where they get opportunities in our nurturing and learning environment that they couldn’t get anywhere else. They discover their gifts and talents and develop life skills and tools to take on the world!

Here are just a few of the things our members are thankful for:

  1. I have a safe place to go after school while my mom is at work.
  2. I get to try different sports and activities instead of sitting at home watching TV or hanging out on the street.
  3. APCH gives us opportunities to earn scholarships for college and for summer programs at a great school, like Berklee College of Music.
  4. We can take art classes from real artists and try different mediums like drawing, fashion design, and painting.
  5. We get to try out so many different musical instruments. Then, we get to take classes and perform together!
  6. We get to give back to our community through service projects like neighborhood cleanups and even cooking for folks in the retirement home.
  7. I have help with test prep for the SAT, and I got to visit colleges all over California to find the best place for me when I’m ready.
  8. We have special holiday events for our whole families. I love bringing my family here!
  9. I get to take photography classes and use professional tools real photographers use to create the best images. Experiences like this give me confidence to pursue any career that I want.
  10. We have opportunities every week to explore the arts and culture of Los Angeles. We go on field trips to different parts of the city to visit galleries, museums, libraries, and see the amazing world around us.

Explore our website to learn more about APCH’s extraordinary opportunities for youth in South Central LA.

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