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A revolutionary act of self-love.

GirlPower is a sisterhood.

Made up of courageous young women between the ages of 14 and 18, our GirlPower program provides a safe and inspirational space to connect with others, grow together, celebrate each other, and learn to love.

Learning to love is critical. It’s a core value at A Place Called Home. Marcee Dela Cruz, our GirlPower Program Lead, shares “We believe for those the world calls minorities based on race, gender, social status, learning to love yourself is a revolutionary act.”

GirlPower: removing obstacles that stand in the way


So much already stands against our girls. Because of their gender and their zip code  they’re not starting life on a level playing field. For many, the fact that their lives have value and meaning isn’t affirmed and celebrated at home or at school.

But, each of these young women has so much potential. And, once they discover it there is no turning back. They become world-changers!

GirlPower: the program


A 10-month program, GirlPower is about identity development within the context of social justice, and covers topics like:

  • Love and self-acceptance

  • The importance of friendships

  • Healthy relationships

  • Sex education

  • Reproductive justice

  • Sexism

  • Gender roles and stereotypes

  • The responsibility to lift up other women

  • Community involvement

  • Changing the world

Through a series of successful female guest speakers from the Los Angeles area sharing their stories and experiences, the GirlPower girls gain new perspectives on what is possible for them, and they begin to build their own networks outside of A Place Called Home.

GirlPower: defying standards and stereotypes


Fernanda is an inspiring young woman. And, after three years of GirlPower, here’s what she shared about the impact of GirlPower in her life:

“I’ve been in GirlPower for three years now. I love it because it’s a space where we can celebrate that we’re girls and build relationships. It’s amazing how the things I learn in GirlPower suddenly come up again at school or at home. GirlPower has helped me grow. And all the girls help each other grow.

I’ve never been more confident in myself. Now I know I don’t have to accept the world’s standards and stereotypes. I have the power and the right to defy them, and break through the boxes and molds the world has shaped around me because of who it assumes me to be.

I want to be able to see women more educated. And less tolerant of the status quo. I love the fact that there are so many women’s marches and so many women are now standing up and being elected into Congress. It inspires me.”

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