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Teens and Parents Both Agree: APCH Mentoring is LIFE-Changing!

At A Place Called Home all of our programs focus on addressing the whole child, including their families, and our LIFE Mentoring program is no exception. Our mentors not only build strong connections with their mentees, but with their parents, too, giving them peace of mind that their child is receiving thoughtful support and guidance (especially at an age when getting advice from parents may seem overrated!).

Recently, our LIFE Mentoring team spoke with APCH parent Rosario to learn about what being involved in the program has meant for her daughter Maria, and for their whole family.

What has the mentoring program meant for your teenager and your family?

For us, the LIFE Mentoring program has meant the solidification of our dreams for our daughter Maria to attend school and build a foundation for a better life. We cannot thank APCH enough for the support they have given us, so we want to inspire other youth to be a part of the mentoring experience.

Maria’s mentor Cindy is a very important part of our lives since she is committed to supporting Maria as a mentor and friend. She even sees her as part of her own family. She is focused on helping our daughter achieve her dream of graduating, and also helps us better communicate with all our children, showing them that our advice is not out of date or as unfashionable as they might think!

Cindy is very important to us and we see her as if she were part of our family, like an older daughter who helps Maria see the importance of maturing and being independent. Cindy helps Maria a lot and cares for her both at an academic and personal level. This is important to us because it shows Maria value in helping others and is something my daughter admires about Cindy.

For us, the Mentoring team has been more than staff, they have been great friends who look out for Maria’s safety and seek out help of all kinds for her and for all of us.

How has your teen grown since being part of the mentoring program?

We have noticed Maria’s change in confidence. She is focused on her goals and helping the community. Throughout the program she has matured and is committed to achieving her personal and academic goals.

We want to thank the LIFE Mentoring program for helping our family in every possible way. Despite the pandemic, they have made us feel like they are a part of our family. Thank you to everyone who is a part of this program for teaching us that, with support from good people, dreams can come true. And, above all, thank you for the great lessons you teach our children.

— The world is always better with a little help and commitment to others —

If you are interested in getting involved with the APCH LIFE Mentoring Program, please contact us today.

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