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A Place Called Home for the Holidays

“Peace,” “joy,” “brotherhood,” and “love” are ideas APCH takes to heart every day, and this time of year we get super busy lifting them up as high as we can. Over the past month we have served 1,000 Thanksgiving dinners, facilitated the “Holiday Adoption” of 202 families, and distributed close to 10,000 toys, books, and articles of clothing to kids in the neighborhood. On December 15, Santa Claus visited APCH and brought snow and hot cocoa and good cheer for nearly 3,000 of our community members.

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The smiles, hugs, laughs, and tears of happiness have been countless.

As 2018 comes to an end, we reflect on our 25 years of service in South Central and the state of the world today vs 1993, when APCH opened its doors. In those two decades plus, humanity has seen tremendous growth in technology, medicine, communications, and commerce. We’ve become more aware of our impact on the planet. We’ve advanced social justice and evolved in so many ways, big and small.

Sadly, we have also seen a deepening of bigotry, hatred, xenophobia, and class divides. And, humans have devised new ways to oppress, marginalize, and hurt each other.

It’s not really possible to reconcile this paradox of humanity — our capacities for great love and kindness, as well as the harshest cruelties.

But, we can choose love. We can give and forgive. We can share with those in need. And, we can hold ourselves accountable to the values we aspire to.

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Whatever holidays you celebrate, we welcome you to join the APCH family by finding ways to make others a bit happier and better off this season … and then keep it going into the new year and beyond. Together, we can change the world, and it starts at home.

Blessings and thanks,


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