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Leader. Mentor. APCH Board Member. Meet Jackie Jimenez!

With Women’s History Month just behind us and our annual GirlPower! Awards Luncheon just ahead, we’re shining the spotlight on our Board member and APCH 2021 GirlPower! honoree, Jacqueline Jimenez. At APCH, we seek to empower our young members through enriching activities, social and emotional support, education and mentorship. Jackie understands the depth of this approach because prior to joining the APCH Board of Directors, Jackie was an active volunteer working directly with our members in the APCH LIFE Mentoring Program.

Jackie is a leader in the entertainment industry, an extraordinary community volunteer, a master connector, Ivy league alumnus and proud native Angeleno. Recently, we spoke with her about how she got involved with A Place Called Home, her advice for young women, and of course, her favorite things to do in Los Angeles.

How did you get involved with A Place Called Home?

I first heard of A Place Called Home through my employer, Pantelion Films. In early 2017 my former colleague’s husband, Dimitri Panos, was working on setting up a scholarship on her behalf to preserve her legacy. Brenda Rios Panos passed away in 2016 and she was an exemplary human being—one that embodied the values that A Place Called Home seeks to instill in its youth and she was being honored at APCH’s GirlPower! Awards Luncheon in 2017.  Dimitri approached us to see if we’d collaborate with him in this effort and we of course jumped at the opportunity. We ultimately set up a scholarship in her name. After attending the luncheon, I was enamored by everything that APCH was doing to ensure that young women of color learned the necessary skills – emotional, educational and practical – to thrive in the world.

I was called to serve at APCH in some capacity.  In 2018 and 2019 I served as a Mentor as part of the LIFE Mentoring Program and I thoroughly enjoyed the thoughtful conversations that I had with my mentee at the time, Monse. I enjoyed my experience so much that I knew I wanted to give to the organization in a bigger way, and that’s when I entertained the idea of becoming a board member because I saw myself in those kids and I relate to the multi-layered challenges that they face every day. In 2021, I was honored at APCH’s GirlPower! Awards Luncheon. I was humbled that APCH would see me as a role model to the Girl Power ladies. My passion for APCH and the families it serves grows more and more with each day.

Jackie Jimenez with APCH CEO, Jonathan Zeichner.

What excites you most about serving on the APCH Board of Directors?

I am excited to have a voice and to partake in creating positive change for APCH and the youth and families it serves. One initiative that I am especially excited about is working with my fellow board members to create a financial literacy program. I am very passionate about personal finance, financial literacy and creating change to close the wealth gap.  I truly believe that financial literacy is fundamental for allowing BIPOC communities to access tools to build generational wealth.

As a former GirlPower honoree, how does it feel to see your friend and colleague Linda Garcia being honored this year?

I have known Linda for over 11 years, and it has been a beautiful experience to witness her professional and personal journey, and to see her live her purpose. As a former GirlPower honoree, it is truly a gift to see a Latina who embodies the GirlPower values being honored this year. Linda is a trailblazer and an inspiration to all, and her vulnerability and sincerity in expressing her mission speaks to the hearts of many Latinx women. I am thrilled that the young ladies of GirlPower can see someone who they can relate to, and learn from, being honored this year.

What is one piece of advice you have for young women in pursuit of their professional goals?

One piece of advice that I can share with young women in pursuit of their professional goals is to remain authentic to oneself. I have found it essential to always come back to my “why” and to stay aligned with my core values as I navigate my professional sphere. Additionally, one of my intentions has been to stand in my power. We all have personal power and I think for us as women, it is especially important for us to know that relentlessly. It infuses all of the spaces that we inhabit and enables us to know that with consistency and dedication, anything is truly possible.

And to end with a bit of fun, what would be on your itinerary for a perfect day in Los Angeles?

A perfect day in Los Angeles for me starts with a delicious cup of coffee on a Sunday morning followed by mindful journaling. Then, I take my sweet pup Lucy on a morning walk through the neighborhood—the weather is perfect. It’s a crisp fall morning and I can still smell the morning dew. I then go to Hot 8 Yoga for an amazing yoga class. I feel centered and connected to my Self.  After my practice, I eat a yummy salad from Mendocino Farms and do some light work.  I brew a cup of tea and I nestle on my resting chair to read a chapter or two of one of the many books on my list. After my afternoon reading, I go for a mindful walk with my partner and with Lucy and we enjoy the warm sunlight.  After our walk, I head to the kitchen to make a delicious mushroom thyme farro risotto with roasted carrots and a crisp arugula salad with walnuts.  After dinner we watch an exciting documentary on HBO Max and enjoy it with a scoop or two of roasted strawberry ice cream. That to me, is a perfect day in Los Angeles!

There’s still time to get your tickets and join us for this year’s GirlPower! Awards Luncheon in celebration of amazing women like Jackie. Click here for more information.

Jackie and the APCH GirlPower girls on Zoom.

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