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Celebrating Women’s History Month Through Art

We’ve been doing a lot of celebrating here at A Place Called Home lately. Our 30th Anniversary, National Mentoring Month, welcoming two APCH Alum to the Board of Directors…the list goes on! And the celebration has continued throughout March because it’s #WomensHistoryMonth!

Over the past month, members of our Visual Arts program have been exploring the work of Japanese multimedia artist Yayoi Kusama (aka The Princess of Dots!), and have not only learned about her, but have collaborated to create a mural inspired by Kusama herself!

Our APCH artists began the project by creating the base of the artwork – they painted the vase, flowers, stems and leaves onto a large piece of paper. Then, after the paint dried, they began using acrylic markers to create the beautiful, detailed patterns of the piece. Together, they each worked on different sections, until their patterns met up and filled in the entire page.

Throughout this project, members were introduced to Kusama’s artistic journey and her influence on the creative world. Visual Arts Program Assistant Virginia shared, “Not only does the project highlight the collaboration between members, but it also showcases each person’s unique interpretation of the intricacies in Kusama’s paintings, sculptures, and installations.”

The piece is now on display on the door of the art studio for members, staff, and visitors to appreciate as they pass by!

This project is one of many that APCH members will complete throughout the year as part of our Visual Arts program, designed to nurture members’ creativity. The program offers art courses across a wide range of disciplines including textile art, book and zine making, mixed media sculpture, experimental art, and art from around the world.

“The goal of our Visual Arts program is to provide a safe space for youth in South Central to be immersed in arts education and programming that they might not otherwise have access to in public schools,” shared Visual Arts Program Manager, Miranda. “We want to provide our members with opportunities to express themselves, to create, and to use their imaginations.”

To learn more about APCH’s Visual Arts program, and all of our programming, visit: https://apch.org/what-we-do/

Our work is not possible without your support. Help us continue to empower South Central youth through programs like Visual Arts by making a donation here: apch.org/donate

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