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Changing the World starts at home

At A Place Called Home, our mission is to inspire, encourage, and support the young people in South Los Angeles to achieve social, emotional, and economic success

Who We Are


A Place Called Home first swung open its doors in 1993 – a year after the LA Unrest, amidst a crime epidemic that rendered the streets of South Central unsafe for its children of any age. APCH’s mission was simple, but wrought with challenges: to provide gang-affected youth of South Los Angeles with a safe haven away from the life-threatening dangers and temptations of the streets.

Since then, a dynamic, multi-service youth and community center has evolved and grown on the corner of South Central Ave and 29th Street. For 30 years, A Place Called Home has been serving South Central youth ages eight to mid-twenties and their families through education and arts programs, mental health counseling, mentorship, job readiness, college scholarships, civic engagement, and more. At our core, we are still a place where young people who face tremendous challenges can experience the safety, joy, and opportunity that should be a part of every childhood.

Our mission has four key objectives.

They are:

(1)  Increase the likelihood that members will remain in school, graduate, and go on to pursue higher learning and/or meaningful employment
(2)  Increase each member’s capacity for positive, non-prejudicial and nonviolent interaction with peers, teachers, adults, family and community members
(3)  Reduce members’ involvement or likelihood to be involved in criminal behavior or gang activity
(4)  Empower members and inspire them to take ownership of their lives and to make a positive difference in their communities and in the world.

At APCH, young people define their values, develop their gifts, strengthen their skills, and build resources and relationships to realize their goals and aspirations. Along the way, they learn that their voices are important, and that they can contribute to making the world a better, more just and equitable place for everyone.

Our Core Values

We are committed to a culture that fosters personal responsibility and celebrates creativity and diversity. Everything we do at APCH is guided by our core R.E.A.C.H. values:

R Respect
E Empathy
A Accountability
C Courage
H Hope

For questions regarding access, please contact Maggie at [email protected]

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